Demi Lovato is a Jersey Girl?

Okay so Demi Lovato isn't from Jersey but she did sing the National Anthem at the World Series last night wearing a Texas Rangers jersey with her last name printed on the back.

The Texas Native kicked off Game 5 with the "Star Spangled Banner" and apparently her voice was just what the Texas Rangers needed to beat the St. Louis Cardinals 3 to 2.

While the "Skyscraper" singer didn't show any signs of being nervous when she belted out the National Anthem, she revealed via twitter that she a bit jittery, saying, "so nervous/excited about tomorrow!"

Besides feeling nervous the star gushed to MTV news about her excitement. "The rush of going out there … nothing compares to it. I feel like I'm about to jump out of a plane," Lovato said.

"Getting to do this in my hometown of Dallas, Texas, is such a dream come true, because I've been to these Rangers games many times. I've sat in the nosebleed sections where you can barely see anything and now I'm going to be singing on the field. That to me is such a dream come true and it represents my journey and how far I've come. I just feel so blessed and so thankful and so honored, she revealed.

"It's a different environment from my shows; there are people that come there to see me," she said. "Here, they are coming here to see baseball and I am actually just singing the National Anthem. So it's kind of more pressure for me to do good because I want to impress people that didn't come here to see me and I also want to impress people with a song they've heard a million, kajillion times. … If anything, to be able to step up in front of 51,000 people is going to be incredible."