Demi Lovato, Madonna and Your Mom Rocked the Same Trend ????

What do you know? Yet another past trend is coming back to life – and this time, it's something your mom can likely relate to wearing back in the mid-'80s.

Last night at the Billboard Music Awards, Demi Lovato was spotted rocking black leather fingerless gloves – a fashion statement made huge by music icons like Madonna in decades past! We're not complaining at the accessories revival, because we think it totally completes a grungy-chic outfit like Demi's.

Demi Lovato at the Billboard Music Awards wearing fingerless gloves

(Getty Images via ABC)

You may have also noticed that a few weeks ago at the Met Gala, one of our other fave pop singers, Katy Perry, was also seen sporting a longer pair of black fingerless gloves. Elegant and edgy!


So there you have it, a quintessential '80s accessory that was once rocked by your mom is back in the game! Go see if you can raid your leading lady's trunk of forgotten clothing items – they may just come back in style. ????????


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