Demi Lovato Nail Polish with The New Black!

Who's ready for Demi Lovato nail polish? The starlet has teamed up with The New Black nail polishes to create her own exclusive line!Demi Lovato Nail Polish

Demi is famous for her giant vocal talents and her fierce and ever-changing fashions, but she's also quite the celebrity in nail art circles!

She has been known to snap pics of each awesome new style and share her nails on Instagram and Twitter.

Now, Demi Lovato is taking her nail fascination to the next level with her own line of polish with The New Black!

Starting this November, you'll be able to snag five different three and five-piece sets of polish from Ulta stores across the country!

"It is fun to be able to create your own look down to your nails," Demi said in a recent interview. "I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my nails, although you can't always tell. I want to put something cool on my nails that expresses who I am and what I'm feeling."

Last year on Thanksgiving, she even revealed that one thing she was thankful for was nail art!

"Thankful for MANY things today … including my nails! :)" she wrote.

We all hope that the new line will let us don Demi's signature style!

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