Demi Lovato Takes Over Twitter

Camp Rock 2 star Demi Lovato has been ruling the Twitterverse lately! Just last week, Demi managed to get #stopbullying to the top of the trending topics, with the help of her loyal followers. This past weekend, another two Demi-related trending topics popped up on Twitter.

The first was #WELOVEMOMMYLOVATO on Sunday afternoon. Demi tweeted: "Woke up to being a trending topic along with my mom! I love you guys!" Later that day, she posted two new photos of herself with little sis Madison De La Garza, leading to #WeLoveMaddie became a trending topic.

Demi responded: "Just saw #WeLoveMaddie was a trending topic… I couldn't help but cry. The support you guys show for my family is so incredible."