Demi Lovato: 'Twitter Qwitter' No More?

Demi Lovato recently joined the small group of celebrities who have quit Twitter. The Camp Rock 2 Starlet was tired of all of the "haters", but apparently they weren't enough to keep her away from her precious tweets. Lovato is " baccckkk" with a vengeance– a good vengeance that is! She graced Twitter's presence to urge her fans to donate to a charitable cause on her behalf.

"I'm in the online charity auction @ & would LOVE for you to bid! Starts TODAY!".

TwitChange is an organization that is auctioning off Tweets from celebrities. The high bidders will win some sort of a shout out from Demi (or the celeb they vote on).

The bid will close on September 25th, and all proceeds will be donated to