Demi Lovato's Secret to Staying Happy & Healthy

As Seventeen magazine's contributing editor, Demi Lovato shares how she deals with negative criticism and how she makes sure that she continues rising up like a skyscraper.

"There has been a lot of media attention on some comments made on Twitter the night of the VMA's. I responded to a negative tweet about my body and I want to set the record straight for my fans that I am happy and healthy.

I am on a journey to recovery and it is one that I have to take day by day. I felt like I had to stand up for myself, which I tried to do in the best way possible. Although it is hard to hear criticism, I have been surrounding myself with healthy people who help me to stay healthy. But I definitely want you all to know that the support I receive from my fans means the world to me. It allows me to STAY STRONG and continue my journey! I hope that I can inspire each of you to do the same.

I am soooo excited for my upcoming shows in NYC (9/17) and LA (9/23 )! YAY!! It feels so good to be back on stage. I am loving dancing and rehearsing every day. I feel so lucky to work with such amazing dancers, musicians, choreographers — what an inspiration they are to me! Singing and performing keeps me feeling strong and energized. I feel like I am truly myself when I am onstage and…I LOVE getting to see all of you!!! These shows are going to be amazing! I hope to see you there!"

Stay Strong!


Demi Lovato

Thanks for the wise words of advice Demi! You are such an inspiration!