6 Denim Items to Rock This Season That Aren't Jeans

You can't go wrong with a solid pair of jeans, but we think it's time for a major fall shakeup.

These simple wardrobe items below are the perfect staples every denim-lover needs in their closet this season! Keep reading and stock up your closet:

Denim Overalls: $19.99

If you don't own a pair of slim-legged overalls yet, now is the time to fully embrace them and snag a pair. These can be worn with sneakers or boots and they'll still look chic.

Denim overalls

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Denim Headband: $2.99

We'll admit, wearing denim in our hair initially didn't sound like a great idea, but now we're all for it. A headband is the perfect accessory to add something unique and adorable to any outfit. Learn how to DIY one yourself below!


Denim Backpack: $29.99

For those days you don't feel like wearing denim, opt for a backpack instead. Add pins, patches and other flare to it for a more personal touch.

Denim backpack

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Off-the-Shoulder Denim Dress: $40.00

As you know, we're all about comfort over everything so it's only natural we'd include a denim dress option. You can wear almost anything in any color with it, but most importantly, they're not complete leg prisons like normal jeans.

Off the shoulder denim dress

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Lace-Up Denim Skirt: $45.00

Ditch your basic denim skirt for something a little edgier this fall. A white lace-up version should do the trick.

Lace up denim skirt

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Pearl Denim Jacket: $88.00

This season is all about dressed-up denim. Regular denim jackets are cool and all, but why not go for a rocker vibe and throw on a pearl-encrusted one? This one's a splurge, but you'll be wearing it long after you buy.

Pearl denim jacket

(via Nasty Gal)


Now that you know what kind of denim pieces to look out for, take a peek at THESE embroidered looks for fall.