The Denver Airport Just Added a New Feline to Their Animal Therapy Squad

Despite the misleading title of Denver International Airport's CATS program, the squad has just added their first feline member.

CATS stands for the airport's Canine Airport Therapy Squad, which is a team of dogs that are trained to help reduce stress and anxiety in passengers traveling from Denver.

Now, the airport has decided to add their first kitten to the dog-centric team.

Xeli, a registered therapy cat, has a friendly personality and sweet disposition. Because she loves meeting new people, Xeli's addition to the CATS team was a dream come true for the lovable kitten.

She's been training hard for her new position, and we're sure this playful feline will find something in common with her canine coworkers.

Click HERE to see footage of Xeli's intense training program leading up to her first day of work.


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