Your Favorite "Descendants" Are Perfect Nail Art Inspiration

What's the perfect way to show off your excitement for Disney's Descendants? Nail  art, obvi! These amazing nail designs are perf to highlight your love for your fave descendant.

descendants key art poster copy

Mal, daughter of Maleficent, def makes being bad look oh so good. Any girl that can pull off purple and green is certainly destined to rule the world, in our opinion. This nail design fabulously shows off Mal's edgy and creative personality with her signature colors and a sprinkle of glitter, of course.

Dove Cameron as her character Mal from Disney's Descendants is paired next to an ombre nail art design with purple, black and green colors.

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We had to include a nail design inspired by Maleficent herself, too. She's the baddest of bad and, let's be honest, we're all a little afraid of how powerful she is. This purple nail design with cute green flames is totally reminiscent of Maleficent. Maybe wearing nails inspired by her will keep us on her good side?

Kristen Chenowith as her character Maleficent from Disney's Descendants accompanied by a purple nail design with green flames

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Jay, son of Jafar, is quite mischievous and enjoys "borrowing" things from other people without telling them or returning it after. So basically he's a thief, but we're sure he'll see the error in his ways by the end of the film. This nail art highlights Jay's fiery side and the gems are totally something he'd love to take from you.

Booboo Stewart from Disney's Descendents as his character Jay accompanied by a photo of yellow and orange nail art with gems on them

(via Wikia + Manicurity)

Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen, is all about beauty, fashion and cute boys! Oh, and she thinks she's the fairest of them all. Evie would love this sparkly nail design because she could stare at her reflection in it all day.

evie descendants nail art

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The Evil Queen taught Evie everything she needs to know about beauty. But the one thing she taught us is to never take an apple from a stranger. These poison apple nails are a perfect reminder of that lesson.

The Evil Queen from Disney's Descendants is accompanied by poison apple themed nail art

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Carlos, son of Cruella De Vil, is a male fashion icon. But he didn't inherit his mother's love of dogs; he's actually afraid of them. So animal print is definitely something he won't be rocking. These red and black nails totally represent Carlos with their fashion forward design.

Cameron Boyce as his character Carlos De Vil from Disney's Descendants accompanied by a photo of red, silver and black nail art

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Which nail design is perfect for you? Let us know in the comments below!