Design a Handbag: CONTEST CLOSED!

In Sweety High's "Name Your Bag" contest, show off your art skills and design a handbag for a chance to get your artwork on a Flying Buttress panel and sold in their store, plus win awesome customizable bags!

Design a Handbag


Confused? Flying Buttress has five different bags and 35 different styles of panels that snap right onto the bag to customize it for any occasion! Why have 3 or 4 purses when you can have just one that changes to fit every mood!

Draw or digitally create a design for a "panel," and it might get picked up and sold by Flying Buttress for girls to customize their own looks!

To enter the contest…

  • Log into your account at If you don't have one already, just click here to join for free!
  • Click the Contest tab and then locate the "Name Your Bag" contest! 
  • Create your artwork! Take a picture or scan it in, and then upload your image!
  • Hit the submit button and you're entered!

That's it! Just comment below if you have any questions about the contest, and good luck Sweetys!

Design a Handbag