These 7 Desk Accessories Under $10 Will Motivate You to Do Your Homework

After a long day at school, the last thing we want to do when we get home is homework. But the sad truth is, we have to in order to graduate.

If you tend to get distracted from doing your studies because of things like Instagram, Netflix or simply texting with your friends, it's okay, you're not alone! Finding the energy and spirit to sit down and actually do your homework can take a lot of willpower at times, especially when you'd rather be doing anything but.

However, we've found that doing homework is much easier when we like the space we're working in. It makes the time go by faster, and is honestly just pretty to look at! Continue below for the seven Yoobi desk accessories under $10 that will motivate you to do your homework:

1. 8-Pack Sticky Note Set: $9.99

Is it just us, or is organization super therapeutic? When it comes to our homework, reading or studying, the information overload can be pretty intense. With cute sticky notes, however, it makes recalling and remembering stats and facts way easier, and more fun, too!

cute sticky notes

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2. Weekly Calendar Notepad: $9.99

Have you ever written out your to-do list for the week, and included ones you've already done, just so you can cross them out? It's okay—we've done it, too! A weekly calendar notepad is a great accessory to keep on your desk. As you slowly cross things out throughout the week, you'll feel more motivated to get stuff done!

weekly calendar

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3. Pink Flamingo Stapler: $8.99

When the papers pile up and organization has gone out the door, it's time to call in the big guns. A stapler will do just that while helping you maintain a sleek, structured desktop. Add a pop of pink to your desk for a girly addition, like this adorable flamingo stapler!

flamingo stapler

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4. Spiral Notebooks in Avocado and Rainbow: $9.02

Everyone retains information differently. If you learn best by writing things down, you need to have lots of notebooks on deck. A trick to get you to actually use them? Get super cute ones, of course! We're loving this adorable avocado and rainbow set. Who wouldn'want to take notes in these?

avocado rainbow spiral notebooks

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5. Cactus Pen Cup: $7.99

A lot of us use our desks as a place to do homework and as a vanity. In order to keep your makeup and homework separate, it's important to use storage devices! We're especially obsessing over this stellar cactus cup, as it can be used to hold a number of things, like pens, highlighters and even makeup brushes!

cactus pencil holder

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6. 6-Pack of Pencils: $3.49

In order to make homework a better experience, we suggest using writing utensils you like looking at. Say goodbye to plain old yellow pencils, and hello to crafty ones, like this 6-pack! The sayings are not only cute, but we're willing to bet you'll want to use them, aka, do your homework!

cute pencils

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7. 5-Pack Mixed Doodle Stickers: $2.97

While we wouldn't recommend turning in homework with a bunch of stickers all over it, they do make one fun accessory! Instead of covering an assignment in them, use stickers in your personal notes when doing homework or studying. It'll make your notes pop and will even help you to retain info better!

fun stickers

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