In Desperate Need of a New Desk Chair? These Stylish Options Are Perfect for Teens

Being comfortable while spending hours in a desk chair is so important.

Once you get home from school, you want to be comfortable and supported in your seat, not stuck in yet another hard plastic chair, which is why cushioned chairs are lifesavers during those busy homework-filled afternoons. Not sure where to start your search? Keep scrolling for some of our favorite comfy and stylish desk chair options for teens.

Alwin Task Chair: $224

This cow-print desk chair is just the thing to give your space some character. With armrests and built-in lumbar support for your back, it'll keep you feeling great even after hours of work. Plus, it's on an adjustable swivel, making it great for when you have to move around and allowing you to get it to the perfect height for your desk. The best part is that it's currently on sale, so get it while you can.

Alwin Task Chair

(via Wayfair)


Acosta Task Chair: $105

The Acosta Task Chair is a sleek seat that would make a fine addition to rooms with darker color palettes. The antique brown faux leather and black components complement dark furniture or dim-colored aesthetics, and we love the minimalistic and refined shape.

Acosta Task Chair

(via Wayfair)


Sunnydale Office Chair: $180

This Sunnydale Office Chair's modern silhouette and brightly colored material will bring warmth into any room. It's functional and flexible, with 360° rotation and lumbar support, allowing you to tackle long to-do lists while also vibrantly bringing your work space to life.

Sunnydale Office Chair

(via Target)


Union & Scale Essentials Mesh Back Fabric Task Chair: $110

If you're searching for a more classic-looking desk chair, this Union & Scale swivel is great for building a more office-like setting. It's comfortable, easy to clean and has a reclining component to reduce stress and back pain. If you suffer from either, this might be the chair for you, as it's the perfect combination of form and aesthetics.

mesh back desk chair

(via Staples)


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OVIOS Ergonomics Suede Office Chair: $218

Marrying modern styles and industrial detailing, this chair will support your back during a busy day while making your space look extra luxurious. The suede upholstery and black fixtures wed well with the linear tufted fabric, for a sophisticated look. This one is also extra durable with a padded headrest, armrests and lumbar support. Plus, it comes in three stylish colors.

OVIOS suede office chair

(via Overstock)


Savas Height Adjustable Swivel Velvet Task Chair with Gold Base: $165

Did someone say "pop of color"? If your room needs a bit more spunk, choose from 14 Karat Home's 15-color collection. With their fun, rounded shape, eye-catching colors and great gold hardware, they'll take the style of your workplace to the next level while also making work that much easier.

Savas height adjustable chair

(via Overstock)


Galera Swivel Task Chair: $208

This task chair also comes in 15 bold colors. It has classy velvet fabric and gold finishing that's funky, yet super alluring, allowing you to flaunt your style while you get stuff done.

Galera Swivel Chair

(via Overstock)


Gaming Chair Massage Office Computer Chair: $86

Ready to take a break from stress and unwind with a quick game of Fortnite? Get rid of your old desk chair and get your head in the game with this computer recliner. This seating is stellar for long homework-filled afternoons as well as fun, easy-going gaming breaks. It has a detachable lumbar and head pillow to take off as you please, plus a large scope to recline, as well as a massage feature.

Gaming chair

(via Amazon)


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Yaheetech White Desk Chair: $80

This white desk chair has the coveted title of Amazon's Choice, so you know it's good. It comes in four neutral colors, plus light pink for those of us who want to add some color to our spaces. With a tufted square design for texture and comfort, this seat is breathable, comfortable and modern. It's a fabulous piece for someone who works often and cares about maintaining an organized, clean workstation.

(via Amazon)


Bleckberget Chair: $70

Inspired by the '50s and '60s, this chair is functional, clean and modern for everyday living. We are obsessed with the monochromatic edge. It comes in a charming seafoam color that would pair fabulously in a cottagecore or retro-styled space—but if you're not into the color, it also comes in beige and dark grey.

Bleckberget chair

(via IKEA)


Örfjäll Swivel Chair: $70

This inexpensive swivel chair would be an iconic match for any blue den. It's from Ikea, so it's easy to put together, and while this blue-on-black style has to be our favorite, it also comes in pure black, plus styles with white frames and either grey or olive cushioning.

orgjall swivel chair

(via IKEA)


Millberget Chair: $109

Here's another Ikea desk chair that's affordable, sleek and comfortable. The one-color hardware and cushioning make your desk area look organized and sophisticated. The beige and black colors go with absolutely any aesthetic, while the color brown is very on-trend.

Millberget chair

(via IKEA)


Vertagear SL3800: $379.99

Looking to spend a little more on a great chair that's just as suited for gaming as long hours in front of your desk finishing homework? Vertagear's brand new SL3800 chair is designed to prevent back pain from frequent sitting before it starts with ContourMax lumbar support. The chair has memory foam inserts and adapts itself to your body to support healthy posture, no matter what you're working on, so studying and gaming are never a literal pain in the butt—and we think the color combos are pretty sweet, too.

vertagear sl3800 gaming chair

(via Vertagear)


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