Details About J.K. Rowling's Pottermore Revealed!

Looks like someone spilled the juice on the Harry Potter site Pottermore!

J.K. Rowling was scheduled to reveal the deets early morning on the 23rd (UK time), but we already have the inside scoop on what to expect!

The website is going to be a gaming site for Harry Potter fanatics.

According to the Times UK, the site will be a virtual gaming world.

The memo as reported by PaidContent "suggests that [] is a sophisticated online game that contains clues to prizes that are hidden in the real world. These are an unstated number of magic wands secreted in Britain and America, and possibly other countries."

The Times UK has been speculating over "whether the treasure hunt is Pottermore itself, or merely a marketing drive for another product."

We can't wait to get more details about the site!

Tell us what you think! Will you participate in this virtual gaming community?