Devonne by Demi Skincare Coming In December!

Demi Lovato has proven she's capable of just able anything over her long career, and now she's trying out something completely new with her Devonne by Demi skincare line!

"Ever since I was a young girl, I have always been about skincare for some reason," Demi explained in an interview with People magazine. "When you take time to do things for yourself like care for your skin, you feel the most confident."

Demi decided to recruit beauty experts to help her put together a line of awesome skin products designed for a girl on the go!

The first products from Devonne by Demi include a hydrating protecting mist, deep facial cleanser and moisturizing primer in an amazing sweet lemon and peppermint scent.

All of those products will be included in the starter kit, with prices starting at $29.99 for a monthly subscription.

Best of all, Demi is also using the opportunity to give back! Proceeds from the starter kit will go to the Lovato Treatment Scholarship, which helps young women struggling with mental health or addiction issues with the help of CAST Recovery.

Devonne by Demi will be available in December, just in time for holiday gift-giving!