Every Fun Fact You Should Know About Bizaardvark Star DeVore Ledridge

If you're a fan of Disney Channel'Bizaardvark, then you probably already love DeVore Ledridge.

For those who haven't watched the show, what are you even doing? Get on that first and then read every fun fact about DeVore you've ever wanted to know!


(Photo Credit: Jonny Marlow)

Name: DeVore Ledridge

Birthplace: Lexington, Kentucky

Birthday: June 13

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Fun Facts:

1. If she could pick anyone as a famous mentor, she would choose Michael Jackson. "He was a creative genius," she shares with Sweety High.

2. Inspiration comes to her whenever she's doing something that makes her happy. She also finds it out shopping for pieces to fit her unique style. "I love pastels and vintage, so that is most of what inspires me," she says.

You can tell me what society thinks of me… I'm just not going to care 😉

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3. Her one true hero is Martin Luther King Jr., because he was a huge advocate for equality.

4. Her fave items to wear right now are band tees. "I have a very edgy style and usually pair them with something casual or even dressy just to give it an extra edge," she explains.

Tired girl with a collection of band tees

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5. She was a massive Wizards of Waverly Place fan when it aired. She even wanted to be a witch herself.

6. She loves looking at her childhood videos and pictures. They never fail to make her smile. "I like to look at them and see how far I've come."

I think I'm wearing a balloon

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7. Currently, her fave movie is Moana. She's inspired by how courageous and focused she is on her goals.


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