Your Dog Will Never Look More Stylish Than They Will In a Dexypaws Puffer Jacket

Ever since my home expanded from a one-dog household to a three-dog household last summer, my life has been very dog-centric.

That's why, when I get pitches to review great new products for my dogs, I get even more excited than I do for stuff for myself. I was absolutely delighted when I opened an email from the team behind Dexypaws and saw the absurdly cute puppy apparel they have on offer—and of course, volunteered to try out one of their stylish puffer vests for my pups.

The Brand

Dexypaws is an entirely dog-focused brand based around its creators' dog, Dexter, and all of the products he loves best. It connects dog owners around the world with the very best items for dogs, featuring everything from treats and toys to leashes, harnesses and collars for walks, grooming and wellness products and apparel.

After browsing what they had to offer, I was most drawn to their Puffer Jacket in Shiny Silver, retailing for $49.99, and was super excited to see how it'd look on my beloved Boston terriers.

Dexypaws Puffer jacket in shiny silver on Dexter the dog

(via Dexypaws)


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The Jacket

From the second I talked to the folks behind Dexypaws, I eagerly looked forward to when the jacket would arrive—not just because the puffer jacket looked so cute online, but because my family had a dog named Dexter (who's no longer with us), and that name holds a very special place in my heart.

When the jacket did show up in the mail, I immediately snipped off the tags and just had to see how it looked on my dogs. When I ordered it, I had our girl puppy, Hilda, in mind, imagining the contrast of her reddish-brown fur against the shiny silver material. I knew she'd look so cute in her little hood—and I was right!

Hilda the boston terrier in Dexypaws puffer jacket in shiny silver

However, Hilda didn't really love wearing it (she's not much a fan of most clothes), and so we also tested it out on her twin brother, Magnus. Now, Magnus tends to get chillier than Hilda, and as soon as he was wearing it, it was like he forgot he even had it on, and he was immediately his joyful, energetic self. The puffer vest looked way too cute on him, and really is perfect for the Pacific Northwest chill—especially right now in the transition from winter to spring.

Magnus the boston terrier in Dexypaws puffer jacket in shiny silver

And the puffer doesn't just look darling. It's also weather-resistant with sherpa lining and has a zipper on the back that allows you to attach a leash to your dog's collar, without removing the jacket. The material is even anti-microbial, so it stays clean and stink-free even with lots of use.

Dexypaws shiny silver puffer vest underside

(via Dexypaws)

One thing I will note is that our 9-month old pups currently fit well in the Large size, so if you have a really big dog, chances are that you might not find the size you need with this puffer. Our biggest dog, Horace, is a whopping 55-pound Boston terrier, and we found that he was too round to fit into their XL size!


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Bottom Line

Dexypaws has some really wonderful products available, and I'm obsessed with their Puffer Jacket in Shiny Silver and how it looks on my dogs. $50 may be a bit expensive for a vest for a dog, but that's actually a steal compared to how much similar items can cost in other shops—and some of those products aren't weatherproof and anti-microbial. The brand—or at least this puffer—may not accommodate all larger breeds, but if you have a small-ish dog you're looking to dress up, I highly recommend them.


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