d'Francisco's Genderless Sustainable Jewelry Is This Summer's Hottest Staple

d'Francisco is a sustainable jewelry brand with silver pieces that any jewelry-lover would want in their collections.

They prioritize sustainability by using pure 925 recycled silver, recovered from sources including jewelry, X-ray films, electronics and more—and here's everything you should know about the brand.

The Brand

d'Francisco was created by Camila Montoya and her mother, Liliana, who set out to develop jewelry that wasn't just beautiful, but also good for the planet. In addition to using 925 recycled silver, the mother-daughter duo also incorporated 3D-printing technology in order to reduce wax waste and water and electricity usage, designing gorgeous pieces inspired by the country of Colombia.

Liliana was actually a dentist in Colombia before moving to the U.S., where she became passionate about the jewelry industry. She was fascinated by the creative process and took classes to learn to work with metals, stones and many other recyclable materials. She soon discovered that her dentistry knowledge translated well to this new industry, since the 3D printing process resembled the casting of teeth. Camila also found a love for jewelry-making over time, joining her mother in her weekly classes once she, too, moved to the states. Camila recently explained that her mother is, "the best partner I can ever imagine."

So far, d'Francisco has created two different jewelry lines inspiring empowerment, confidence and self-love, encouraging customers to "connect people to the planet." Their first line, "Welcome to the Trópico," used the symbol of a beetle to represent Colombia's biodiversity and generate awareness of respect for all living things. The second, "Into the WILD," incorporated jaguars and palms, inspiring the feeling of being unstoppable, outspokenness and passionate. Camila described "Into the WILD" as their most empowering line yet, and we couldn't agree more.

d'Francisco beetle jewelry on boot

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The Products

Rosette Choker ($325) and Rosette Bracelet ($190)

This d'Francisco Rosette Choker and Rosette Bracelet set will elevate your everyday look. These unique pieces are hard to beat with their unique style and genderless charm.

d'Francisco Jewelry

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Open Jaguar Coin Ring ($110), Jaguar Tail Ring ($85) and Palm Ring ($69)

Stacking rings is all the rage at the moment, and d'Francisco's pure silver rings combine complementary chunky and ornate designs that pair perfectly.

d'Francisco Jewelry

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Wild Ring ($85), Jaguar Tail Ring ($85), Palm Ring ($69), XL Silver Beetle Ring ($220) and Open Jaguar Coin Ring ($110)

We love that d'Francisco's jewelry collections really allow you to pile on the rings. They have enough options that you can wear a ring on every finger without the look getting repetitive—plus, pure silver goes with everything.

d'Francisco Jewelry

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XL Beetle Silver Earrings ($160) and XL Beetle Silver Chain ($92)

These adorable beetle jewelry pieces are classics. We love that their "Welcome to the Trópico" line revolved around Colombian beetles, reminding us of the important role they play in the ecosystem.


(via d'Francisco)


Fern Silver Ring: $116

We love the way this fern ring reminds us of growth, life and the earth. There's a good reason it's a customer favorite, and you'll want to wear it with you everywhere this summer.


(via d'Francisco)


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