Taylor Swift's Diet Coke Ad Is A Cat Lover's Dream!

Taylor Swift appears in a new ad for Diet Coke that brings a cat lover's dream to life!taylor swift diet coke cats

The video begins as Taylor plays with a precious grey kitten, dangling a bit of string for it to play with. But as soon as she takes a sip of Diet Coke, a second cat appears on the table beside it!

It turns out that every time Taylor takes a drink of her beverage, even more cats magically appear in the room with her!

Her own pet cat, Olivia Benson, also appears at the end of the ad! In the past, she's also appeared in Taylor's Keds promotions!

"Behold, the Diet Coke ad that depicts my perfect world," Taylor Tweeted about the commercial earlier this week. "Featuring a new song and Olivia, who is now a cat actress."

The ad also plugs Taylor's upcoming album, 1989, which releases on October 27!

Check out this adorable commercial, starring Taylor and kittens and let us know what you think of it below and at Sweety High!