The 8 Bra Types You Need to Know About

If you've seen one bra, you've seen 'em all, right? Wrong!

There are tons of different styles, cuts and shapes of bras out there, and each of them is right for certain occasions.

Keep scrolling to read about eight bra types you need to know, and learn when to wear each of them.


Anyone who's ever purchased a dress with weird cutouts and straps will appreciate an adhesive bra. These have one sticky side that goes straight on your skin. Adhesive bras provide coverage but are not very supportive.

adhesive bra
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Full-cup bras cover the entire breast for maximum coverage and support. People with big busts will appreciate these bras the most.

girl wearing full bra
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Bralettes are usually lacy and delicate with a halter-style top. They don't do much for actual support, but they add a feminine touch to your outfit.

girl in bralette sitting next to bed
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Bandeaus wrap around your bust for a strapless look with more coverage. If you've got a top that is cut too low on the sides, bandeaus are a great option to add support and lace to your look.

blue bandeau bra
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Strapless bras are just that—bras with no straps. Ladies with larger breasts might find themselves tugging up their bra all night as straplesses tend to provide less support than a standard bra.

girl wearing beige strapless bra
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Sports bras are the comfiest of all! They're designed to keep the girls from bouncing all over the place while you're working out.

woman in neon yellow green sports bra running
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A push-up bra is designed to hold your breasts together and up higher on your chest. This a special-occasion bra, definitely not for everyday  wear.

white pushup bra
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Demi bras will cover about half of the bust while providing support. This is a great option for your first everyday bra after graduating from training bras.

white demi bra
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Minimizing bras are designed to make the bust appear smaller. They have more fabric than a full-coverage bra and are great to wear under a thin shirt.

pile of colorful bras on light wooden background
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