The 9 Different Kinds of Friends You'll Have in High School

Whether they're long-lasting or short term, almost everyone goes through a variety of pals in high school, and most of them tend to serve different purposes.

With so many students to choose from, it only makes sense you gravitate towards at least a few!

Keep scrolling for the nine different kinds of friends you'll have in high school:

1. The Ultimate Best Friend

This is obviously the greatest kind of friend to have! This is the pal who knows all of your secrets, the one who sticks up for you against bullies, the one who appreciates your ridiculous, nonsensical jokes and the one who you cry to about your S.O. or crush. The ultimate best friend will likely remain in your life far past high school. With all the knowledge and memories that involve each other, it's hard to just walk away.

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2. The Friend by Association

This is the friend who you may sit with at lunch or invite to your parties or sleepovers, but you're not super tight with them—someone else in your crew is, rather. You like this person perfectly fine, but you don't hang out with them for any reason other than they're part of your "group."


3. The Friend You Only Hang Out With in Class

This is the friend you always pair up with on projects, you constantly gab with about life and you have nothing but positive feelings towards—but you both have totally separate groups and as soon as you leave the class(es) you share, you both go on your merry way living totally separate existences.

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4. The Party Friend

This is not the friend you hit the gym with nor the friend you call when you fail an exam. This is the friend you get dolled up with to go out with on a Saturday night. This is the friend you can assure will be a fun time. This is the one who always knows what's going on in the socialsphere and will make sure you're along for the ride.


5. The Best Guy Friend

This is the friend who's like a brother to you. Chances are, his parents dig you and vice versa. He's allowed to sleepover at your house (on the couch) because he's an honorary member of the fam. The only time you guys argue? When he starts dating someone who doesn't have your approval.


6. The Friend You Drift From After Freshman Year

Freshman year is a weird one (to say the very least). Half of your friends are ones who pour over from junior high, while others are ones you make during your awkward phase of figuring out high school life. The truth is, as you move on to other grades and start finding yourself as a person, you'll likely drift from at least one person you hung with on the reg during freshman year. In fact, you'll probably look back and think: Wow, I can't believe we were ever friends!


7. The Frenemy

This kind of friend is one of two types: the one who you're actually close to, but fight with all the time or the one who is sometimes super nice to you and sometimes super mean to you, and you just never know what to expect. Either way, this type of "friend" is toxic, so don't let them in too deep. But at the same time, as we've pointed out in the past, be smart by keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

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8. The Pretty Friend

This is the friend you secretly (or maybe even not-so-secretly) envy; the one who gets all the attention at the parties or in the hallways. Part of you feels like you're always living in her shadow, but then part of you likes being seen with her or posting her with you on social media because it makes you look good. It's not like you're considered unattractive, it's just that she's drop dead gorge.

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9. The Friend Who Becomes Your Crush

Maybe it's a not-so-well-kept secret, or maybe nobody has a clue, but this is the friend you've developed feelings for over time. You've tried to deny it to yourself at first, and for the longest time, you won't even tell your besties. But you've finally come to terms with your feelings and are figuring out what to do next.


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