The 7 Types of Flaky People

Flaky people completely confuse me.

It's like, if you don't want to hang out with me, don't pretend! I'd seriously rather someone make no real effort and make it clear they don't want to engage with me outside of obligatory settings than act like they do, only to let me down. My time (and company) is valuable, people!

I understand if something legit comes up, or if someone just doesn't like being out in big groups or whatever the case may be—but to straight-up act like our plans don't matter is so annoying. The one upside is I know I'm not alone when it comes to experiencing this behavior. I am 100% certain you know at least one of the seven types of flaky people below:

1. The Self-Serving Flake

We all have that friend who couldn't care less about what we're up to… until there's someone hot involved or there's something super fun going on. They're literally the least dependable person—unless something's in it for them. Casual coffee run on a Sunday? Nah. Best house party of the year on a Saturday night? Oh, they're in! You've tried to hang out with them a ton of times, only to have them make excuse after excuse, but the second your plans sound appealing, they have a sudden change of heart.

Not to mention, if they are hanging out with you, they'll ditch you at the drop of a dime if something more appealing pops up. And they don't even attempt to apologize for their behavior.

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2. The Always-Initiating Flake

This type of flake annoys me the most. Like, umm, I wasn't even trying to hang out with you, but then you get to make me feel like a fool? There are a handful of people who constantly reach out—even to the point where we've supposedly solidified plans, and then, as a normal person does, I follow up to see if we're getting together, and sure enough it's as if I'm inconveniencing them. They suddenly need to reschedule (which never ends up happening) or they "love the idea of hanging out," but can't.

The best is how every time they see you, they still act like everything's just hunky-dory between you. They never address their flakiness and, in fact, they even continue to say they want to hang!


3. The 'Forgetful' Flake

If plans were dating apps, this type of flake always swipes right. They agree to everything, they're the first to RSVP to the party invite—but they rarely show up. They always "forget" or probably didn't even process the plans in the first place.

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4. The Self-Described Flake

Ugh, this type of flake is quite self-aware, but then they use it as an excuse. Like, I'm open about my flakiness, so that makes it okay. Uh, no. And then, when they actually follow through with something, they make it all about them and, "Oh my gosh, can you believe I actually showed up?" Honestly, I only invited you because I felt like I had to. I'm used to your flakiness, so your presence isn't even really that missed.


5. The 'Sick' Flake

This is the standard flake—the one who's oh so suddenly not feeling well; the one who fell asleep; the one who "doesn't feel like spending money" (but will go out the next day). This is the one who really doesn't put much effort into excuses. They're aware of the plans they made with you, but they're hoping you'll accidentally forget about them. When you do follow up, they know that you know their excuse is nonsense, but they really don't care. They probably went on a date or are busy hanging out with a different friend.

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6. The Manipulative Flake

This is the flake who will find any loophole to use as a valid excuse for not following through with plans. Whether it's "I didn't know we were hanging out for sure," or "I saw on Instagram you were at *insert place here*," they'll do whatever they can to avoid straight-up saying, "I found something cooler to do with someone cooler than you and you weren't invited."


7. The Always-Hyping-Things-Up Flake

Have you ever had a party and felt like so-and-so was the essential mascot of the event? They've been nonstop about how thrilled they are to attend—heck, they've even spread the word to other people. And they're actually being genuine about their excitement. You pretty much expect them to be the first to arrive and the last to leave… oh, wait. They don't even show up. And not sure if it's out of embarrassment or what, but they never follow up to explain why they didn't come.


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