4 Different Ways To Apply Foundation

If you're a makeup girly or only occasionally put it on, you might be wondering about some best practices.

When it comes to applying foundation, there are all sorts of right and wrong ways to put it on. But what should you do? We have all of the answers! Continue below to get a look at four different ways to apply foundation for makeup.

1. Use Your Fingers

If you don't mind having makeup on your fingers and nails, using them is a great method for applying foundation. The warmth of your fingers will help the foundation to really melt into your skin. For this method, we suggest using a tinted moisturizer. If you use a high-coverage foundation you will most likely end up using too much product and end up with a cake-face—the last thing any of us want!

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2. Use a Foundation Brush

Next up, you can apply foundation using a foundation brush. These brushes are specifically designed for foundation and will always leave you with a great, even complexion. For this, you can either apply the foundation directly to your face and then blend it out with the brush, or, you can put it on the brush and then onto your face. Try out both to see what works best for you!


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3. Use a Damp Makeup Sponge

Another common method for applying foundation is with a makeup sponge. This is the most popular method, and for a good reason! Some people don't like that the damp sponge absorbs the product, but in the end, it leaves your face looking so much more natural, and if you don't want to look like you very obviously have a lot of foundation on, using a damp beauty sponge is definitely the way to go. It not only blends the product seamlessly, but it leaves you with even skin, too.

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4. Use a Stippling Brush

The last common method of applying foundation is with a stippling brush. Compared to a foundation brush, which typically has more dense bristles, a stippling brush is typically two-toned with bristles at the top that are meant to create "dot" shapes on your face. By using a stippling brush, you're creating more of an airbrushed look, as opposed to giving yourself super high coverage. This is also buildable, so you can get as much coverage as you like. If you have noticeable pores or skin imperfections, we definitely suggest giving this practice a go.


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