Digi Diaries: Prank Challenges With Web Stars!

In the first episode of SweetBeatTV's Digi Diaries, we invite some of the biggest web stars into the studio to take part in some messy yet hilarious challenges!

Destin Conrad, Aidan J. Alexander and Mackenzie Gaston start the episode off with a comical prank call challenge, telling other Vine stars that their alligators were stolen, and making a conversation out of 5 Seconds of Summer lyrics!

Musician Levi Mitchell joins the group for the next challenge, a gooey and chaotic game of chubby bunny! You'll be surprised to find out which star is the marshmallow master!

Maddi Bragg also becomes a part of the fun in the Warheads challenge, where the stars must try to keep a straight face, regardless of how sour things get! Lastly, we head outside for a Mentos and Cola challenge you'll have to see to believe!

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