Digit Series To Become DCOM!

Annabel Monaghan's popular young adult books A Girl Named Digit and Double Digit are being made into a Disney Channel Original Movie!a girl named digit double series disney channel original movie

The stories tell the story of Farrah "Digit" Higgins, a high school math genius. When Digit switches schools right before her senior year, she plans to leave her geeky reputation behind and find her new place among the popular kids.

But Digit's curiosity gets her more than she bargained for. She winds up investigating a group of eco-terrorists, using her math prowess to unravel their plot, and in the process gets caught up in the danger.

Before long, Digit is forced to go into the witness protection program under the watchful eye of a handsome FBI agent named John.

The Digit stories stress the importance of understanding our gifts and not letting them go to waste. We can spend to much of our school career trying to fit in, when being ourselves really sets us apart!

Not only is are the Digit stories enjoyable reads, but they also encourage girls to pursue their interests in math and science. That's something we can really get behind!

It will be great to see who gets cast as Digit, and to watch the story come to life when the movie gets made!

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