Feeling Icky? Here's One Way to Feel Better This Fall

Whether flu season's got you and your classmates down, or you've had an overindulgence of processed fast foods, your body can get overwhelmed with toxins (aka poisonous substances).

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Nothing makes us less productive than feeling under the weather, and when we had a chance to try a beverage that is said to help cleanse us from those pesky toxins, we obviously needed to give it a try.

When we were sent a shipment of assorted Dirty Lemon drinks (collagen, charcoal, matcha, ginseng and sleep), we had a different result from each—but one thing remained true with all of them: Within just a few sips, we could already feel the water doing its job. The combination of the main common ingredient (cold-pressed lemon juice), along with various other all-natural additions helped cleanse out our bodies in no time.

You may think of lemon as just a sour citrus your mom puts in her iced tea, but the reality is this little yellow fruit has some serious day-to-day health benefits. Lemon is known to aid in digestion and detoxification, it bumps up your vitamin C intake (aka keeps you from getting a cold or the flu), it rejuvenates your skin, it makes you feel full longer and it's an energy and mood-booster.

Each Dirty Lemon drink serves a different purpose, but you will feel healthier after gulping down any of them.

The collagen beverage specializes in strengthening your skin and hair; the charcoal improves digestion; the ginseng burns fat and boosts energy; and the matcha—our personal fave—not only tastes absolutely delicious, but it also increases your metabolism and burns fat.

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Now, on the flipside, the sleep drink helps you get a full night of beauty rest, thanks to magnesium, rose water and anti-inflammatory botanicals.

So, next time you squint your eyes and make a grossed-out face with your mouth at the very thought of a lemon, think again, because these little guys are about to get you through the season!


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