This Is The Alice In Wonderland Makeup Collection Of Our Dreams

Makeup lovers, get excited because we are about to make your whole day, year, and life! Urban Decay is known for bringing us the best beauty collaborations, and they're about to do it again by pairing up with Disney. Their new collection will be totally inspired by Alice Through the Looking Glass which is hitting theaters May 27 ?.



On Thursday, Wende Zomnir, the co-founder of Urban Decay, posted the below sneak peak of the eyeshadow palette's packaging. We're mildly obsessed with the ~wild~ kaleidoscope pattern.



After hunting around Insta, we found an exclusive sneak peak from user @trendmood1 of what the 20 colors inside the palette will look like. Our minds are fully blown. Check out these rad colors:



Just to top off the madness, the same Insta user released a blurry (but AMAZING) sneak peak of what is in store for the Alice inspired lip products that will go along with the collection. There will supposedly be 5 shades and each will represent a different character. Perfection, right???



The official release date for this special edition collection hasn't been released yet, but we're guessing it will be sometime late April or early May. You better believe we will be on the lookout!


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