Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood," Reimagined Disney Style

It's been more than a month since the debut of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video and it's still in our heads every morning when we get out of bed. We've been thinking about it so much that we reimagined each of the characters as our favorite animated Disney girls. Haven't we all?

Taylor Swift's Catastrophe is the obvious star of "Bad Blood," so it's only fitting that the ultimate Disney girl, Minnie Mouse, would take her spot in a remake.

Flora, Fauna and Merriweather, Aurora's fairy godmothers, are a classic Disney trio totally suited to play The Trinity.

Just like Karlie Kloss, Tinker Bell has all of the sass and attitude it takes to play the perfect Knockout.

Aurora spent a lot of Sleeping Beauty asleep, so we'd love to see her in the rocket launcher-toting role of Destructa X.

We think Boo from Monster's Inc. would grow up to be a fierce heroine like Slay-Z. 

Daisy Duck totally has a Cara Delevingne vibe, right? She could probably master a swinging pair of nunchucks in no time.

Ariel's flaming red hair makes her the clear choice to play The Crimson Curse. She and Hayley Williams are practically hair twins.

Headmistress is the ringleader of the group, and if Maleficent is anything, it's fabulous and in control.

Esmeralda has already proven her proficiency with a dagger, so she's already qualified to play Cut-throat.

Maid Marian from Robin Hood is all about grace, beauty and foxiness, so the role of Luna would be right up her alley.

Lucky Fiori is like a fierce lioness, ready to pounce. Nala fits the bill.

We REALLY wanted Lily Aldridge's character, Frostbyte, to have some icy powers when her character poster was released. Now those dreams can come true with the casting of Elsa.

Merida's got the perfect gorgeous head of hair to take on Serayah's character, Dilemma. And her archery skills would definitely come in handy!

Beyond the physical similarities, Jessica Alba and Pocahontas share Domino's free spirit and wisdom.

Homeslice wields a huge sword instead of Rapunzel's signature frying pan, but we're sure she could figure it out.

Colette from Ratatouille has just the right look and no-nonsense attitude to imitate Mariska Hargitay as Justice!

Welvin Da Great is the token male in the "Bad Blood" video, and since Flynn Rider is pretty much the greatest Disney dude of all time, he was our first pick.

Selena Gomez's Arsyn requires an equally rebellious and chic counterpart to play her onscreen. Go Go Tomago from Big Hero 6 is just that girl.

Which of our selections would you change up? Feel free to let us know in the comments.