Andi Mack's Sofia Wylie Talks Making History With First LGBT Storyline

Disney Channel'Andi Mack  made history!

As announced last week, the show became the network's very first to introduce an LGBT storyline for one of its main characters.

Joshua Rush's character Cyrus reveals to his best friend Buffy, played by Sofia Wylie, that he has feelings for a male classmate named Jonah.

We caught up with Sofia at Mattel's Party on the Pier to talk about the groundbreaking scene.

"It was quite emotional," she told Sweety High. "Something came out of both of us and we were just in it. It wasn't like we were acting. It was like we were actually having that situation happen."

She added, "I always have wanted to be on a show that is different and has taken risks, but changes history."

Other Disney Channel stars also weighed in on the network's historic move.

"I think it's cool,"Stuck In The Middle'Nicolas Bechtel told us. "It shows kids that it's okay to be who you are and not fake who you are, and to show that not only are you feeling this way, but also people on your favorite shows."

Watch the stars discuss the storyline in the video below!

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