Disney Channel High Schools We Only Wish We Could Attend

Disney has a beautiful, wonderful way of making high school look a little more effortless and fun than it may be IRL.

We think that's in part because most of the schools featured on Disney Channel have either the coolest students and teachers, or are located in some of the most incredible locations. ????????

Take a peek at seven Disney Channel high schools we only wish we could enroll in this school year.

1. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century 

Zenon Girl of the 21st Century still shot from movie

(via Disney Channel)

Name of school: There's no specific name for the school Zenon attends on her earth-orbiting space station, but we can imagine it'd be something like Alien High. ????????

Why we'd want to attend: Why wouldn't we want to attend this space school?! Can you imagine the benefits of having a hologram teacher? You'd be way more likely to get away with passing notes!


2. High School Musical

Lunch time singing scene from Disney's "High School Musical"

(via Disney Channel)

Name of school: East High (Go Wildcats!)

Why we'd want to attend: Any school where you can get up and perform a whole song and dance number in the middle of the cafeteria is cool in our books. Oh, and Troy Bolton would be our classmate, which would be a major perk. ????


3. Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana at Miley Stewarts high school, Seaview High

(via Disney Channel)

Name of school: Seaview High School

Why we'd want to attend: Miley Stewart's, AKA, Hannah Montana's, school may seem average at first glance, but there's one thing in particular that makes us want to enroll: the mascot. Seaview is repped by none other than a pirate! Pete the pirate to be exact. Seems fitting, as the school is right next to the ocean (an added perk).


4. Suite Life on Deck

Still from "Suite Life on Deck" where the graduating class is throwing up their grad caps

(via Disney Channel)

Name of school: Seven Seas High School

Why we'd want to attend: What's there to explain? This school is onboard the SS Tipton. How amazing would it be to take a semester at sea? Learning and travel are an excellent combo.


5. Avalon High

Screen shot from Disney's "Avalon High"

(via Disney Channel)

Name of school: Avalon High

Why we'd want to attend: If you haven't seen this movie, then let us fill you in on a secret: Some of the main characters in the film are reincarnations of characters from the fabled Camelot. Can you imagine how cool it would be to walk around school with a modern-day King Arthur? That to us would be pretty epic.


6. A.N.T. Farm

Image of the ANT Farm Set

(via Disney Me)

Name of school: Webster High School

Why we'd want to attend: Yeah, Webster High School is a very nice school, but, we'd only really want to attend if we could enroll in the A.N.T. program, AKA, Advanced Natural Talent. Being constantly surrounded by child prodigies who definitely be good for us. ????


7. Girl Meets World

Still from Disney's "Girl Meets World"

(via Disney Channel)

Name of school: John Quincy Adams Middle School

Why we'd want to attend: Although not technically a high school, we'd gladly go back a year or two in school if it meant we could have the infamous Cory Matthews as our teacher! If Mr. Feeny ever stopped by for a visit, well, our lives would be made.


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