This Is the Disney Channel Character You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered where you might fit into the world of Disney television?

Would you be a mischievous know-it-all like Alex Russo or a master of disguise like Raven Baxter? Well, the stars might have your answer.

Keep scrolling to find out which Disney Channel character you are, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): Jessie Prescott (Jessie) 

Oh, Aries—you're the most idealistic and optimistic of all the zodiac signs. Much like Jessie, you're always looking for the silver lining in every situation, and your confidence in your own abilities is one of the major reasons that you truly believe everything will turn out alright. After all, how could things go poorly when you're in control? However, also like Jessie, you definitely have an aggressive side when people push you too far. You usually exhibit a fair amount of self-control, but you're not above making a few impulsive decisions if the situation demands it. Overall, you're quite the positive and encouraging force in everyone's life, just as Jessie is for her young charges.

Jessie: Debby Ryan with hands on her hips

(Jessie via Disney Channel)


Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Raven Baxter (That's So Raven/Raven's Home) 

You're reliable and stable, Taurus, but you definitely have a taste for the finer things in life, making the fashion-obsessed Raven Baxter your Disney Channel alter ego. You love to surround yourself with the material world, and you have a strong work ethic that allows you to accomplish your goals, much like Raven's constant pursuit and commitment to her fashion career. In addition, you're incredibly devoted and at times stubborn, often believing that your opinions are unquestionably the right ones. However, you're also a dedicated and loyal person, always striving to help those around you accomplish their goals. You might get yourself into trouble sometimes, but you know how to find your way out of it—sound familiar?

That's so Raven: Raven Baxter smirking at the camera

(That's So Raven via Disney Channel)


Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Miley Stewart (Hannah Montana) 

Did you really think there was any other option for you than the lovable Miley Stewart, Gemini? You have a two-sided personality and Miley literally leads a double life with her alter ego, Hannah Montana—it's a match made in heaven. But that's far from your only similarity. Much like Miley, you're sociable and communicative, with a constant desire to experience anything and everything the world has to offer.

You have a curious personality, but you also enjoy your comfort zone, which creates a strange dichotomy where you enjoy soaking up time with friends, but at the same time you're on the hunt for new adventures. Just like Miley, time spent with you will never be boring, Gemini, making you an incredibly enjoyable person to be around… even if your two-sided personality does get you into trouble from time to time.

Hannah Montana: MIley stewart

(Hannah Montana via Disney Channel)


Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Harley Diaz (Stuck in the Middle) 

You're quite the emotional soul, Cancer. You mean well, but you can be quite manipulative when trying to get what you want, and you're definitely known for holding a grudge. But you're also incredibly creative, intelligent and deeply caring, especially in regards to the people closest to you.

You're totally Harley Diaz from Stuck in the Middle. You both care deeply about your family and your home, and you're known for letting your emotions guide your actions and relationships. You're not the type to let a little adversity cause you to fall apart—you'll just deal with your sensitivities on your own time.

Stuck in the Middle: Harley Diaz grimacing

(Stuck in the Middle via Disney Channel)


Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22): Liv Rooney (Liv and Maddie) 

Oh, Leo. Given how much you love being the center of attention, is there any other character more fitting for you than the fabulous Liv Rooney? Fashionable, creative and brimming with self-confidence (sometimes to a fault), Liv is definitely your Disney Channel alter ego. Both of you are charismatic and charming individuals, capable of drawing people to your energy simply by existing. Although you do care about the people around you, at times your arrogant and self-centered attitude makes it difficult for you to show it. Still, you're a sociable and warm-hearted individual, capable of uniting several different groups of people, which is quite the amazing quality to have.

Liv and Maddie: Liv Rooney reading a script

(Liv and Maddie via Disney Channel)


Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22): Riley Matthews (Girl Meets World) 

You have an incredible sense of humanity, Virgo, which gives you a deeply sympathetic and compassionate nature. Given that Riley has an intense care for her friends, feeling their successes and failures almost as thoroughly as her own, she is definitely your Disney Channel alter ego. Much like Riley, you take a very methodical approach to life, often finding yourself caught up in tiny details that don't matter very much in the long run.

You're very intelligent and driven, although sometimes your expectations for other people are a little out of the realm of reason. Still, you're a loyal and trustworthy friend with an adorably shy nature—all of which gives you a very endearing quality that the people around you love.

Girl meets world: Riley Matthews

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)


Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22): K.C. Cooper (K.C. Undercover) 

Justice and equality are the most important things to you, Libra, so who better to be your Disney Channel alter ego than a spy fighting for the good guys? Much like K.C., you're incredibly smart, and you much prefer a stimulating conversation or a good book to a night of partying. You don't enjoy confrontations, but you'll definitely stand up for what's right, even if that puts you right in the center of a conflict. Both you and K.C. are in a constant chase for equality. You each have a strong sense of yourself and you ultimately strive for peace and fairness in everything you do.

K.C. undercover: K.C. Cooper grimacing

(K.C. Undercover via Disney Channel)


Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21): Alex Russo (Wizards of Waverly Place) 

You're quite the mysterious sign, Scorpio. On one hand, you're suspicious and distrusting, known by your aloof demeanor and lack of emotional expression. But despite the fact that you don't always know how to show it, emotions are very important to you, and you'll always find a way to show your deep appreciation for the people you care about.

In the Disney Channel world, you would definitely be Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place. You identify with her snarky attitude and unapproachable demeanor, but in the end you only act so disconnected because you care too much about the people around you. Much like Alex, you're a puzzle that takes a bit of time and effort to solve, but anyone who sticks by you knows you're totally worth the struggle.

Wizards of Waverly Place: Alex Russo grimacing

(Wizards of Waverly Place via Disney Channel)


Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21): Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls) 

You're quite the adventurous sign, Sagittarius. You have a free spirit, an endless curiosity and a genuine desire to experience everything the world has to offer. There's no better alter ego for you than the energetic Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls. Just like Mabel, you're outgoing and fearless with a tendency to speak your mind, no matter what the consequences might be. You're incredible enthusiastic and you have an awesome sense of humor, easily drawing people to your fun-loving presence. You could easily fill Mabel's bold shoes and take on all the mysteries of Gravity Falls.

Gravity Falls: Mabel Pines

(Gravity Falls via Disney Channel)


Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19): Teddy Duncan (Good Luck Charlie) 

Just as Teddy has a deep appreciation for all her relatives, family is of the outmost importance to you, Capricorn. You lead a fairly traditional and discplined life focused on self-control and achieving your goals. Although you can often fall into Teddy's same trap of being unable to see perspectives outside of your own, your responsible and independent nature makes you a natural leader capable of inspiring devotion from the people around you. Just like Teddy, you have a special nostalgia that allows you to bond and maintain close relationships with the people you care about. You just have to remember to let your high standards for yourself loosen sometimes—it's okay to make a few mistakes.

Good Luck Charlie: Teddy Duncan

(Good Luck Charlie via Disney Channel)


Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18): Andi Mack (Andi Mack) 

You have a tendency to be quite shy and withdrawn, Aquarius, which causes the people around you to view you as awkward or strange. But you just enjoy your time alone, preferring to find solace in your creative outlets and intellectual pursuits. Andi Mack is absolutely your alter ego. Sometimes you struggle to branch out, but you're in a constant chase to find your own path and discover exactly who you are. Much like Andi, you see the world as a place full of possibilities, and you're just trying to find where you fit into it.

Andi Mack

(Andi Mack via Disney Channel)


Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20):  Ally Dawson (Austin & Ally) 

With Neptune as your ruling planet, you have a special preference towards music, Pisces—so who better to be your Disney Channel alter ego than the supremely talented Ally Dawson? Much like Ally, you're incredibly compassionate, gentle, and selfless, always searching for ways to encourage the people around you, sometimes sacrificing your own feelings in the process. Your sweet nature means you're beloved by everyone you meet, but only true friends can truly gasp the full extent of your kind and considerate nature. Just like Ally, you have a tendency to have your head up in the clouds, but that doesn't stop you from pursuing your dreams here on the ground.

Austin and Ally: Ally Dawson

(Austin & Ally via Disney Channel)


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