This Is the Disney Channel Heartthrob for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

There's no denying that our fave Disney Channel shows are full of crush-worthy men.

Although all the Disney dudes are equally charming and good looking, there's only one that's perfect for you.

Scroll below to see which heartthrob you're destined to be with based on your zodiac sign.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

Disney Channel guy: Farkle Minkus from Girl Meets World

Why you're a perfect match: As an Aquarius, you're defined by your independence and intelligence. In order for a relationship to work, you need to find someone that can provide intellectual stimulation. There's absolutely nothing that can attract you to an individual more than a deep and meaningful conversation, after all. For that reason, Farkle Minkus is the ideal guy for you. His geek chic personality would suit you perfectly, and you'd never run out of things to discuss! A total win.

Farkle Minkus from Disney Channel's 'Girl Meets World'

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)


Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

Disney Channel guy: Austin Moon from Austin & Ally 

Why you're a perfect match: Pisces, you're a sucker for romance and music. You clearly need someone who will treat you like a princess and sweep you off your feet. The only Disney Channel stud for you is Austin Moon. You two would have an incredible connection because he'd cater to your needs, serenade you and be your best friend—everything you could ever ask for.

Austin Moon from Disney Channel's 'Austin & Ally)

(Austin & Ally via Disney Channel)


Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Disney Channel guy: Luke Ross from Jessie

Why you're a perfect match: Aries, you are a bit of a flirt, and, honestly, you don't need any help when it comes to finding love. You're courageous, bold and definitely not afraid to make the first move. The ideal Disney guy for you would most certainly be Luke Ross. Luke's energy and passion for life and fun would mesh well with your free and determined spirit. You two would travel the world and challenge yourselves to try something new each day. With him by your side, you better believe you'd always have some exciting plans on the horizon.

Luke Ross from Disney Channel's 'Jessie'

(Jessie via Disney Channel)


Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Disney Channel guy: Lucas Friar from Girl Meets World

Why you're a perfect match: When you look for love, Taurus, you look for someone reliable, stable and totally dedicated to you. You look for someone who enjoys romance, spending quality time with loved ones and working hard to achieve success, but most of all you look for someone who is down to earth. For that reason, the lovable Lucas Friar is the Disney cutie for you. He's handsome, loyal and a total sweetheart. He'd always be there for you when you need him, and he's got that southern charm that makes you weak in the knees. This guy will make you beyond happy. ????

Lucas Friar from Disney Channel's 'Girl Meets World'

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)


Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Disney Channel guy: Diggie Smalls from Liv and Maddie 

Why you're a perfect match: Gemini, you're attracted to individuals whose intellect and energy match. You need someone who is not only smart, but athletic, kind and totally passionate about anything and everything they do. Basically, you need a guy just like Diggie Smalls. Not only is Diggie a stellar basketball player, he's also intelligent, generous and an overall great guy. It doesn't hurt that he's totally gorgeous, too.

Diggie from Disney Channel's 'Liv and Maddie'

(Liv and Maddie via Disney Channel)


Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Disney Channel guy: Joey Rooney from Liv and Maddie 

Why you're a perfect match: Cancer individuals are just naturally emotional beings, and that's okay. Sometimes you just need to have a good cry and express how you feel. Because you're very sensitive, you're looking for someone who can comfort you and make you laugh when you're having an especially tough day. The perfect Disney guy for you is undoubtedly Joey Rooney. Even on your worst days, this guy will have you cracking up and smiling. He'll understand your emotions and he'll never judge you. Exactly what you need.

Joey Rooney from Disney Channel's 'Liv and Maddie'

(Liv and Maddie via Disney Channel)


Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

Disney Channel guy: Ravi Ross from Jessie

Why you're a perfect match: If there's one thing for certain about you Leo, it's that you love to be admired. If you aren't receiving the love or attention you deserve, you're very unhappy, so it's critical you look for someone who understands this and is able to give you the praise you desire. A Leo like yourself needs a partner like Ravi Ross, a super sweet guy who is not only self-aware, but is able to take the backseat from time to time in order to make sure he's doing everything he can to make you happy. With this loving guy by your side, you'll always feel admired. Ravi Ross from Disney Channel's "Jessie"

(Jessie via Disney Channel)


Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

Disney Channel guy: Dez Wade from Austin and Ally 

Why you're a perfect match: Like it or not Virgo girl, you're a bit on the shy side. You often worry about things that you shouldn't, and you need someone who will show you how truly spectacular you are. The perfect Disney guy to do this is hands down the goofy and lovable Dez. Dez will compliment you to no end, treat you like a princess and encourage you to believe in yourself. What more could you ask for?

Dez from Disney Channel's 'Austin & Ally'

(Austin & Ally via Disney Channel)



Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

Disney Channel Guy: Ernie Cooper from K.C. Undercover 

Why you're a perfect match: Libra, although you are totally capable of doing things alone, you love having the company of others. You're such a sweet, peaceful and fair individual and you're always open to new relationships. Because you're so open-minded, you'd definitely give the quirky but cute Ernie Cooper a shot. Although Ernie typically is not great around girls, you will totally bring him out of his shell. Once you get to know him and vice versa, you'll see he's really just a fun-loving dude who needs a little confidence boost.

Ernie Cooper from Disney Channel's 'K.C. Undercover'

(K.C. Undercover via Disney Channel)


Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

Disney Channel guy: Dirk Mann from Bizaardvark

Why you're a perfect match: Scorpio, you are known for your brave, resourceful and adventurous nature. If you're going to make a relationship work, you have to find a guy who will be able to keep up with you. The only Disney man who can keep up with your playful pace is Dirk Mann. This comical guy will never say no to adventure and will constantly surprise you with fun date ideas. Can't complain about that!Dirk Mann on Disney Channel's 'BIzaardvark'

 (Bizaardvark via Disney Channel)


Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Disney Channel guy: Naldo Montoya from Best Friends Whenever 

Why you're a perfect match: A Sagittarius girl like yourself is not satisfied unless traveling or exploring somewhere new. A dull life is no life for you, so you're searching for someone who is a bit of a mystery and can totally charm you. The Disney boy who can do just that is Naldo Montoya. Not only will Naldo charm your socks off, he'll always be up for wandering around town and trying out new activities. The perfect adventure buddy. ????

Naldo Mantoya from Disney Channel's 'Best Friends Whenever'

(Best Friends Whenever via Disney Channel)


Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

Disney Channel guy: Xander McCormick from Bunk'd

Why you're a perfect match: When looking for an S.O., the most important thing to you, Capricorn, is that they share similar interests. The things you must have in your life are music, family and friends surrounding you that will support your goals. For that reason, you need someone caring, kind and musically inclined like Xander McCormick. This cutie will listen to your wildest dreams and then write a song about it and serenade you. A keeper, for sure.

Xander from Disney Channel's 'Bunk'd'

(Bunk'd via Disney Channel)


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