Our Favorite Disney Channel Halloween Episodes

Nothing is quite as exciting during Halloween time than watching brand new spooktacular episodes of our favorite Disney Channel shows.

But even though we love new viewing material, we have a major soft spot for oldies-but-goodies. From Austin & Ally to Girl Meets World, we've selected our seven fave Disney Channel Halloween episodes (in no particular order). Keep scrolling to find out which ones made the cut.

1. Jessie

"The Whining" is probably the creepiest Disney Channel Halloween episode of them all. Let's just say every time we watch this episode we're so glad we're not the Ross kids being chased through their penthouse by a maniacal cleaver-wielding Jessie simply because they missed their curfew.

Jessie halloween episode the whining

(Jessie via Disney Channel)


2. Liv and Maddie

Our favorite part about the "Helgaween-a-Rooney" episode is watching Dove Cameron play three different characters, especially Liv and Maddie's evil triplet Helga. Seeing how awful Helga is really makes us grateful to have the siblings we have.

liv and maddie halloween episode

(Liv and Maddie via Disney Channel)


3. Girl Meets World

In "Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2," Riley and Maya are visited by the Bay Window Ghosts who enlist the girls to help her find out what's wrong with her ghost friend Tessie. Riley and Maya then visit the house Tessie haunts and it's there they bump into Austin and Ally from Austin & Ally. Not only will this episode give you the fright of your life, it's a crossover made in TV show heaven.

Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)


4. Austin & Ally

For our fave Austin & Ally Halloween episode, we're throwing it back to "Costumes and Courage." Watching Ally pretend to be Taylor Swift to perform a duet with Austin is pretty funny. But we also love that this is the moment when Ally really gets over her stage fright and realizes she can have her own signing career. The rest is history.

Austin & Ally Costumes and Courage Halloween Episode

(Austin & Ally via Disney Channel)


5. K.C. Undercover

The "All Howl's Eve" episode of K.C. Undercover will have you laughing until you can't laugh no more. But our favorite part about it is the endless supply of Halloween costume inspo. From K.C.'s sleek spy outfit to Marissa's lively bee ensemble, we're seriously obsessed with every character's getup.

K.C. Undercover All Howls Eve Halloween Episode

(K.C. Undercover via Disney Channel)


6. Dog With a Blog

Avery, Tyler and Chloe were always getting into some ridiculous situations on Dog With a Blog, but nothing tops when they tried to convince their parents their house was haunted in "Howloween 2: The Final Reckoning." They pulled out all the stops to keep Stan's secret safe, and surprisingly enough, it worked!

Dog With a Blog Howloween 2: The Final Reckoning Halloween Episode

(Dog With a Blog via Disney Channel)


7. Best Friends Whenever

We already know that Cyd and Shelby from Best Friends Whenever live pretty sweet lives being time travelers and all. But in the Halloween episode of the show, they get the chance to be ghosts. How rad is that?! We wouldn't mind getting the chance to be a paranormal being for the day to scare a few trick-or-treaters.

Best Friends Whenever Cyd and Shelby's Haunted Escape Halloween Episode

(Best Friends Whenever via Disney Channel)


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