Disney Channel Not Ready To Say Goodbye To Selena Gomez?

Just when we thought we'd be wishing our favorite wizard a fond farewell, news broke that Selena Gomez wouldn't be leaving the Disney family for good. According to a source close to the actress, Selena is in the process of shooting a pilot for Disney that has her channeling her inner Ashton Kutcher via his Punk'd days.

"Selena shot the pilot and it's basically like Ashton Kutcher's old show, Punk'd, but with the Disney kids. Selena was having a ton of fun with it. She's a goof ball at heart."

Although the rumors haven't been officially confirmed, we can't help but cross our fingers that we will see Sel showcase her comedy side a la Disney. Also, we can't help but think it's adorable that JB has also been rumored to star in MTV's revival of  the Punk'd series. (Comedian couple?! LOVE it!)