The 12 Most Iconic Disney Channel Original Movie Songs Ranked

Dreams do come true!

The Disney Channel Original Movie marathon is this Memorial Day weekend ????, and in honor of this momentous occasion, Walt Disney Records announced they're releasing a digital album packed with our fave DCOM songs!
Disney Channel Original Movie Record

(via Walt Disney Records)

The album, titled Your Favorite Songs From 100 Disney Channel Original Movies, is already available for pre-sale on iTunes, so we got a sneak peak of the 13 song track list.

We've done you a favor of ranking the 12 original songs (there's also one new medley included on the album) in order of our faves. Scroll below to see how the tracks stack up against each other in our books!


12. "Determinate" (Lemonade Mouth)

Why We <3 It: This song is full of surprises. It starts off as a slow ballad and then quickly transforms into a powerful jam! We're totally feeling the rap that breaks out midway through.


11. "Gotta Go My Own Way" (High School Musical 2)

Why We <3 It: Grab a tissue box when you listen to this one, because it will definitely give you all the feels. Baby Vanessa Hudgens totally stands up for herself in this supremely memorable scene from this Disney classic.


10. "Gotta Be Me" (Teen Beach 2)

Why We <3 It: This Teen Beach 2 tune earns its ranking because it is extremely danceable. We dare you to listen without tapping your feet.


9. "Strut" (The Cheetah Girls 2)

Why We <3 It: We can't help but favor this song because it's a major throwback. We also love that it's performed in the streets of Barcelona! The message ain't half bad either. Strut like you mean it, girls!


8. "One and the Same" (Princess Protection Program)

Why We <3 It: Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez singing together? Need we say more? This song is perfection!


7. "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'" (Teen Beach Movie)

Why We <3 It: We're totally all about this retro beat. Any song that can get us snapping our fingers deserves a high ranking, amirite?


6. "This Is Me" (Camp Rock)

Why We <3 It: Demi Lovato delivers a powerful message and we're digging it. Listening to her and Joe Jonas' voices together is like pure magic.


5. "Call Me, Beep Me" (Kim Possible)

Why We <3 It: This song is classic. There was no way it wasn't making our top five!


4. "Wildside" (Adventures in Babysitting)

Why We <3 It: Sofia Carson and Sabrina Carpenter have voices of angels, so there's that. This song is the perfect jam for rocking out in the car.


3. "Introducing Me" (Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam)

Why We <3 It: Nick Jonas is totally swoon-worthy and oh so charming as he spills his guts to the girl of his dreams in this song. What's not to love?


2. "Rotten to the Core" (Descendants)

Why We <3 It: This edgy pop song gets easily stuck in our heads. Any tune that we endlessly hit "repeat" on is obviously a good one. We're feeling the electronic vibe, too!


1. "Breaking Free" (High School Musical)

Why We <3 It: This song is the epitome of why we love Disney Channel and where our love for Zac Efron began. It's empowering, karaoke-worthy and iconic, duh!


The album will officially be released this Friday, May 27, the same day the marathon kicks off! Woo Disney overload! Be sure to check out which DCOMs we're most excited to watch this weekend HERE!