Disney Channel Original Movies That Need a Sequel, Like Now

With the sequel to one of our favorite Disney TV movies in the news, we couldn't help but think about our favorite DCOM that never got some extra lovin'.

So while we eagerly await the sequel to Life-Size (which starred Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks), scroll below for more Disney channel classics that could really use a part II ASAP:

Smart House

In an age before smart phones and the Alexa by Amazon, Smart House was the computer-programmed and interactive house of our dreams. That is, until the software, Pat, went from motherly to smothering. In this technology-driven decade, a Smart House 2.0 would have all of the brilliant Disney story line with a major innovation level-up.

Smart House movie still

(Smart House via Disney Channel)


Cadet Kelly

This DCOM really left us hanging and we have so many questions. Did Sir turn out to be an amazing dad after all? What happened with the George Washington Military Academy's drill team after Kelly's influence? Could Amanda and Kelly's friendship withstand the test of time? We need answers, Disney! And we need them now.

Cadet Kelly movie still

(Cadet Kelly via Disney Channel)


Pixel Perfect

Loretta, the rock star hologram, might be gone forever but the intricate plot of Pixel Perfect is so complex that a sequel is basically a given… which is why we can't believe we never got one! If our main character Roscoe could develop sentient hologram technology as a teen, then there's no stopping his tinkering abilities in the future. We want to see what he's been up to all of these years.

Pixel Perfect movie still

(Pixel Perfect via Disney Channel)


Get a Clue

We have to know what detective work Lexy Gold, aka Lindsay Lohan, has been up to since cracking the case of missing teacher, Mr. Walker. After the four teens solve this missing person's case we can only suspect that they created some sort of teen P.I agency and have been sleuthing ever since. If there's another question on our minds, it's what relationship may have kindled between protagonists Lexy and Jack.

Get a Clue movie still

(Get a Clue via Disney Channel)


Princess Protection Program

There are so many reasons we need a PPP sequel, but to name a very obvious one it would be to see Demi and Selena reunited on screen. That little detail aside, we would also love to see how the bond between Princess Rosalinda and small-town girl Carter has evolved through the years. They may be from two very different worlds, but their friendship chemistry was strong.

Princess Protection Program movie still

(Princess Protection Program via Disney Channel)



If there's one thing we learned from the Soul Skaters, it's that money can't buy happiness. This group of skaters turned down the chance to be sponsored as teens but we want to see what became of their inline skating squad. What does the next generation of X-Bladz have in store… did they learn from their mistakes or is the team doomed to repeat history?

Brink! movie still

(Brink! via Disney Channel)


The Ultimate Christmas Present

The Ultimate Christmas Present also happens to be the ultimate Christmas movie as far as TV specials are concerned. The question that's been on our minds since this DCOM first aired is whether Sam and Allie's shenanigans disrupted yet another weather pattern, causing imminent destruction to another favored holiday. Holiday movies are timeless, which is why we'd love to see a new set of besties get tangled up in a hot mess… or as in this case, a blizzard.

The Ultimate Christmas Present movie still

(The Ultimate Christmas Present via Disney Channel)


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