Get to Know the Mother and Daughter Responsible for These Magical Disney Cosplays

Cosplay is no joke.

The amount of time people spend crafting their glorious outfits is insane. And while there are many amazing cosplayers from all around the world, we instantly fell in love with the mother-daughter duo Camillia and Layla Courts when we stumbled upon their Disney creations on Instagram.

We've never seen anything more magical.

We chatted with Camillia about how her and Layla first got started in cosplay, the amount of time it takes to fully complete her work and her favorite costume she's made so far. Keep scrolling to see what she had to say, and to gaze in awe of her marvelous work!

Sweety High: What inspired you to get involved in cosplay? What's your favorite part about all of it?

Camillia Courts: We started the project after a trip to Disneyland in Dec. 2014. I bought Layla an Elsa dress and it was so beautiful I wanted to take a few photos of her in it before it got ruined at a birthday party. It was my first time doing a background swap and adding snow. I posted it to Facebook and the reaction was incredible! I immediately ordered an Anna costume and did a photoshoot with Layla as soon as I could.

My favorite part is getting to spend the time with my daughter, playing dress up and watching her have fun in the costumes.


SH: How long does it usually take to bring an idea to life, from initial conception to being published on your Instagram?

CC: Depends on the costume, but most take about a month. I wrote out a one-year plan for 2016 so that I could plan ahead! Some months got scrapped and some were moved due to shipping, costume availability or just a new idea.

We had planned to do Ariel in July, but the tail took almost 6 weeks to make and I missed my July deadline. Then my aunt gave me her old wedding dress and I knew it'd make a perfect Gisele. So Gisele became July's princess and Ariel was moved to August. In that time I also had the idea to be Ursula and I spent the better part of my summer sewing and cutting out foam pieces.


SH: Do you make all the cosplay costumes yourself? How many do you have in total?

CC: In the beginning we were using Halloween costumes and dresses from the Disney store. Once I discovered cosplay, I started making them myself to ensure more screen accuracy.

I have at least 30 to 40 costumes in total!


SH: Which costume was the most difficult to make?

CC: Ariel! I started by making a neoprene tail, then I cut out foam scales and painted the fin. That took a lot of trial and error. It ended up being six weeks of work. I then made the clam top out of pillow foam, and then moved on to my Ursula costume. I made the bustier and bracers out of foam and the skirt is a prom dress I picked up at the second-hand store. The results made all the hard work worth it!


SH: Do you have either a favorite cosplay costume or a final photo that you adore more than the rest?

CC: I'm so proud of every photo we've posted. I really love the first Elsa photo we took, as well as the recent Maleficent photo session. I have so many fond memories of our Ursula/Ariel session though.


SH: Do you have any photoshoots or costumes in the works you can tell us about?

CC: Right now I'm working on Jessie from Toy Story. All I need now is to make her shirt. I'm waiting for the Jasmine wig to come in, and hopefully Jasmine will be done in time for Christmas.

I have this crazy idea of traveling to Victoria BC to visit Hatley Castle to do a Frozen Fever series this spring. And Belle will be a must when the new movie comes out in March!


SH: Which other Disney characters would you love to create a costume and photoshoot for that you haven't already?

CC: I really want to do Meg and Lady Hades from Hercules! I'd also like to do a "pink dress" Ariel. I have another plan to do a full series of Layla as different Disney villains as well.


SH: How did you get into photography?

CC: My son was 3 and I was pregnant with Layla when I was given my first DSLR camera. I played around with it for a while and took photos of my friends and family until I decided to jump in. I shot my first wedding when Layla was only 5 weeks old.

Now I am a full-time photographer specializing in weddings, couples and families, with this fun princess project on the side.


SH: What's your advice for girls who want to pursue a career as a photographer?

CC: Photography is being dominated by women right now and I'm so proud of that! Women are rising up in the photography world making beautiful art and exploring interesting techniques. If photography is your passion, dive in! Take as many photos as you can, educate yourself and go for it.


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