If You're Into Fashion and Disney, You Have to Attend This Event

If you're a loyal Disneyland fan, chances are you've heard of Dapper Day.

But in case you haven't, let us fill you in on this gem of a secret—it's a bi-annual gathering that is held at the Disney theme parks in Los Angeles, Orlando and Paris.

At these gatherings, 30,000+ Disney lovers step out in style together at the parks in their most dapper outfits that are both vintage-inspired and contemporary.

Dapper Day Clothing

This weekend was Disneyland's fall Dapper Day event, and I had the opportunity to attend the expo leading up to the Sunday outing at the park.

Scroll below to see the stylish clothing and accessories that caught my eye. 

When I first walked into the expo hall at the Disneyland Hotel, I was overwhelmed (in the best way possible) by the variety of vendors. Seriously, there was everything from men, women and children's clothing, to jewelry, hats, eyewear, cosmetics and home decor.

I, of course, was immediately drawn to the booths that had little trinkets including pins, patches and earrings.

I stumbled across Femme De Blooms's booth, which was made up entirely of vintage and handmade accessories.

Femme de Bloom vintage and handmade accessories

They had the cutest collar clips and handmade Disney-inspired earrings with Mickey and Pluto that I'd gladly rock any day of the week.

I didn't pick any of the accessories up at the expo, but luckily the booth has their own Etsy shop. Take a peek HERE and try not to lose your cool when you see the adorable Under the Sea collection.

After swooning over the accessories over at Femme De Bloom, I continued to walk through the expo until the Jamberry nail wraps station caught my eye. I'm not a pro-manicurist by any means, so I was so excited to see how these stick-on nails work and what designs they had to offer.

I was not at all disappointed by their variety of Disney press-ons considering they had everything from Pocahontas nails to an amazing Ocean Ombre Ariel-inspired nail.

Laura, who was running the booth, rocked her Mickey-inspired nails. Too, cute huh? You can take a look at all of Jamberry's Disney-themed nails HERE.

Jamberry booth at Disney's Dapper Day

After checking out a few more accessory booths, I thought it was about time to really get into the Dapper Day spirit by trying on a vintage outfit.

I headed over to A Classic Paradise's booth, where they specialize in tropical, vintage and pinup-inspired clothing for all shapes and sizes.

I had no idea where to start because there were so many styles to choose from, so I asked one of the store owners, Valerie, for some guidance.

She immediately directed me toward her "Dapper Day Delights" collection and plucked out the Retro 50's Diner Novelty Border Skirt and a Rosarito Pinup Peasant top in red.

While she was grabbing my size top and skirt, I browsed the area and was immediately drawn to her tropical collection. I'm obsessed with flamingos so of course I snagged the Flamingo Palms Isabella Dress to try on for myself!

I jumped into the dressing room, ready to hop back in time with these vintage styles.  Me dressed up for Dapper Day

I personally felt kind of silly in this getup, but everyone outside the dressing room seemed to think that the flamingo dress especially was a hit. Who knows, maybe I'll be purchasing this for an upcoming Dapper Day?!

Although I wasn't able to attend the fall Dapper Day event, I fully plan on going to the spring gathering at Disneyland on April 23. Interested? Shop the looks, dress up in style and join me then! It will be one fashionable day.


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