11 Secrets You Probably Didn't Know About 'Descendants'

If you're a high key Descendants fan – which we totally support, btw – chances are you think you know EVERYTHING about the movie.

Well, think again, mega fans! We have 11 secrets about the film that even you might not have known ?. Prepare yourself for some mind-blowing revelations!

Disney Descendants poster

(via Disney)

1. The movie was not originally a musical, but once director Kenny Ortega hopped onto the project it was transformed into the musical masterpiece that it is. Thank goodness?.

2. Speaking of Kenny Ortega, did you know that he was also the director of Disney's High School Musical?! Go, Wildcats!

3. With an all-star cast like the one in this movie, you can probs guess that the casting process was no piece of cake! It took a total of five months to cast THE perfect group. We think Disney kind of nailed it with stars like Dove Cameron, Cameron Boyce and Sofia Carson.

4. Sofia Carson originally auditioned for the part of Audrey! Tbh, we're super happy that she ended up playing the part of Evie.

Evie from Descendants

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5. Dove Cameron said that Kristin Chenoweth has been her hero since she was 7 years old. She was an emotional wreck when she learned that Kristin would be playing her mother in the movie. Happy tears, of course!

6. Cameron Boyce ACTUALLY bleached his hair for the film. He revealed it took six hours in a salon and the upkeep was NOT easy. That is some major dedication!

7. Because Liv and Maddie was filming at the same time that Descendants was, Dove wasn't allowed to dye her hair! She had to wear a purple wig instead.

Mal from Descendants with purple wig

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8. One of the stars from season one of the reality fashion TV show Project Runway created all of the costumes for Descendants! No wonder all the outfits were so unbelievably on point.

9. Descendants was filmed in Vancouver, Canada. Brb, going to go take a quick trip to Auradon!

10. The dog named Dude in the film was actually a female?.

Dude the dog from Descendants

(via Disney Channel)

11. You probs already know that Descendants has a prequel novel called The Isle of the Lost, BUT did you know that Sofia Carson narrates the audio book?!


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