Disney Dudez 2 Stars IM5 & Todrick Hall!

IM5 and Todrick Hall have teamed up yet again for Disney Dudez 2, a sequel to last year's hilarious Disney medley hit!

The video was directed and arranged by Todrick Hall. He also appears in the short as Mickey Mouse!

It also features Dana as the Beast, Gabe as Aladdin, Cole as Prince Eric and Will as Shang! When Prince Charming leaves the Disney Dudez boy band, the other members of the group (played by IM5) are left to wonder if the band has a future.

Mickey Mouse appears and urges the princes to hold auditions for a new member of Disney Dudez.

The ensuing Disney medley, featuring Tarzan, Bert, Sebastian, Pinocchio and Donald Duck, is absolutely hilarious and cannot be missed!

They band thinks the auditions are a bust, until a final contender appears on stage. It's Elsa from Frozen, portrayed by the newest IM5 member David Scarzone, and he's ready to perform an awesome rendition of "Let It Go" with an electronic music flair!

It looks like the band has found their match! To invite Elsa, they sing the amazing "Do You Want To Build A Boyband"!

If you're a fan of IM5 or Disney music, you must check out the hilarious Disney Dudez 2!

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