Love Disney's Lady and the Tramp? These Items Are for You

Lady and the Tramp has always been one of our fave Disney movies.

First, it features some of the cutest doggos we've ever seen. We'd gladly adopt every single pup from this flick. More importantly, it taught us to never take our loved ones for granted and that venturing out of our comfort zone is a really great thing.

Share the same sentiments as we do about this timeless masterpiece? We've got just what you need. Scroll below for 11 items you need to rep your admiration for Lady and the Tramp.

Lady and the Tramp sharing a plate of pasta

(Lady and the Tramp via Walt Disney Productions)

Lady and Tramp-Inspired Hair Bows: $7.99

Adorable and subtle, these bows will pair perfectly with any outfit and look amazing in any cut, color or type of hair.

Lady and Tramp-inspired hair bows from Etsy

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Lady and Tramp Earrings: $7.50


Lady and Tramp earrings from Etsy

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Lady Necklace: $9.45

What a perfectly beautiful little lady.

Lady from Lady and the Tramp necklace

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'Start Building Some Memories' Print: $6.69

Go on, make those memories.

Start building some memories Lady and the Tramp print from Etsy

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Lady and Tramp Mugs: $16.23

Your S.O. will really appreciate this gift.

Lady and Tramp his and hers mugs from Etsy

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'Bella Notte' Enamel Pin: $9.36

This vintage pin is hard to find, so you better get your hands (paws?) on it ASAP.

Bella Note enamel pin from Etsy

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Lady and Tramp Hand-Painted Shoes: $94

These custom sneakers will cost you a pretty penny, but they're totally worth it. Just look at that detail!

Lady and Tramp hand-painted shoes form Etsy

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Lady and the Tramp-Inspired Laptop Case: $39.95

Everyone needs a laptop case, so why not get one to rep the love you've got for your fave Disney flick?

Lady and the Tramp-inspired laptop case

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Lady and Tramp Patch: $4.49

We bet you could find a spot to iron this bad boy onto your denim jacket.

Lady and Tramp patch from Etsy

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Lady and the Tramp-Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears: $26.99

Did you even go to Disneyland if you didn't wear a pair of Minnie Mouse ears?

Lady and the Tramp-inspired Minnie Mouse ears from Etsy

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'Bella Notte' Charm Bracelet: $17.95

It's a beautiful bracelet.

Bella Note Lady and the Tramp-inspired charm bracelet from Etsy

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