Disney Magical World Game Review!

Disney Magical World is a new game for the Nintendo 3DS, packed with familiar characters and locations, plus enough magic and adventure to satisfy any Disney fan.Disney Magical World Game Review

The main objective in the game is to collect stickers by achieving different goals in vastly different areas of the game. As you collect stickers, more and more of the world reveals itself to be explored.

In the beginning of Disney Magical World, the gameplay is mostly linear. Certain objectives must be completed, allowing players to get acquainted with the mechanics of the game and helping them figure out how everything works.

However, once you've unlocked a few stickers on your own, the game really opens up and allows you to explore your own objectives. If you get stuck, it even suggests which stickers you should go after next!

One of the highlights of this game is the almost unlimited customization of your character. You can import your Mii into this game to discover this Disney world as a version of yourself!

Further, you can clothe your character in a number of different outfits, from accessories to tops, pants and dresses, and shoes. You can also put on costumes of Disney characters, including Stitch and Winnie the Pooh, and quest clothes that will help you tackle the game's various adventures.

There are also different outfits for the staff of your café, wizard robes, and tuxedos and ball gowns you can wear to show off your dance moves at Cinderella's ball!

Part of the fun of the game is mixing and matching your favorite elements from different outfits. However, there are also outfits themed around characters and films, and if you put together a complete outfit from their set, you get an Ace Ensemble!

By showing off your Ace Ensembles to characters in the game, you unlock points which can be exchanged for a glimmering sparkle that follows your character around.

After collecting a number of stickers, you also take ownership of your own café. The menu and furnishings of the café are up to you, but you need to collect the proper items to be able to make them first!

Collecting items is a huge part of Disney Magical World. Sparkling patches indicate the presence of collectible items, which can be used in recipes not only for food in your café, but to create outfits and build furniture to lay out in your café and later in your personal room above the café.

To get items, exploration is necessary. The game begins in a central hub called Castleton, loosely based off of the Disneyland theme park. As you play more and more of the game, you unlock access to four worlds inspired by Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Alice of Alice in Wonderland and Aladdin.

In all of the worlds but Winnie the Pooh's, adventuring is a big element of quests. You essentially travel through forests and sandy caves, battling ghosts and collecting items embedded in the landscape and hidden in treasure chests to achieve your goals, and get what you need to make all the clothes, food and furniture you need!

In the Winnie the Pooh world, there are simpler collection quests. You'll also be able to start your own garden in the Hundred Acre Wood, where you can plant, water and collect 70 different types of crops.

As the game progresses, you can also use collected items to create new wands with help from the wizard Yen Sid of Fantasia fame. Each one will give you different advantages as you make your way through these haunted stages.

You'll also spend part of the game fishing. Not only does catching new fish get you closer to collecting stickers, but each capture will reward you with an item.

Otherwise, certain items can only be obtained by completing requests for the game's characters, including ones you know and love from classic Disney films!

You'll find that the time of year also affects gameplay! For example, much of the spring months revolve around Easter, changing the decorations around Castleton, as well as offering different items in the game to decorate with. Throughout the year you'll also see seasonal changes around Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and more!

The more you play, the more recipes you unlock to customize cooler stuff for your character, but often you'll find that these recipes require items you haven't yet obtained. Customizing your café with certain furniture also allows you to meet and take photos with more Disney characters. This is one of the biggest motivators to collect absolutely everything you can in the game!

There's something oddly satisfying about helping out one of the characters in the game, or finally completing that outfit you spend so long gathering the materials for. That's where Disney Magical World really succeeds.

For anyone who is an Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon fiend, or simply a Disney fan, this game should provide days of days of challenges and always leaving you wanting to unlock more!

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Disclaimer: Sweety High received a free download of Disney Magical World for review.