Disney Memes That'll Make You Laugh So Hard You'll Embarrass Yourself in Public

From DCOMs, to princess movies, to TV shows, Disney has blessed us with so much relatable content.

Now, there's one more thing to add to the endless list of ways that Disney has entertained us over the years: memes.

Keep scrolling for Disney memes that'll make you laugh so hard you'll embarrass yourself in public.

You know life's hard when you start relating to Disney villains:

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Disney has been setting our expectations for future S.O.'s since the day we were born:



That time Chad proved he's a liar:


This is exactly what Sid deserved:

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Maybe don't take breakup advice from Frozen: 


Too soon:


Seems like an overreaction:

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The incompetence of these fairies is astounding:


Jessie isn't at her best here:


There's always a use for the 'Circle of Life':


Feel old yet?:

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