Here's the ONE Accessory You'll Actually Want to Match With Mom

It's no great surprise that we have a different style than our moms.

Mom may be more sophisticated, while we may be more casual; we may be more edgy, while mom may be more into athleisure.

But what if we told you there's a new item on the market that you and the leading lady of your household can equally enjoy?

Petunia Pickle Bottom had both of you in mind when they created their high-quality, Disney-themed Axis Backpack. Made with all the necessary components of a traditional sack you wear to school (including a built-in lunchbox), this accessory, in fact, doubles as a diaper bag.

It may be a bit of a splurge for you, which is why if mom snags it, you can totally borrow, right? If the standard backpack look doesn't tickle your fancy, these come in many other styles and patterns—in fact, there's even a section of the company's website that's solely devoted to "twinning" with your mom.

We received one of the bags as a gift, and we found that it's also great for lugging your stuff around at concerts or big events where carrying a standard handbag isn't the most effective option. And, because of the bag's built-in versatility, you'll have a handful of compartments to organize your belongings.

If you love the Mickey and Minnie backpack as much as we do, you (or mom!) can purchase it HERE for $179.


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