Disney's Mulan 20th Anniversary Collection Will Unleash Your Inner Warrior

It's a big birthday for Mulan this year, so Disney has a gift for us all: a 20th anniversary collection that includes bags, hats, clothes, jewelry and much more.

The 1998 animated movie is a classic with serious girl power vibes; it follows Mulan as she joins the army in her aging father's place, and ultimately learns to harness and embrace her unique traits.

Fittingly, the 20th anniversary collection reflects what makes Mulan special—it is both beautiful and bold.

Mulan bag

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Mulan Fashion Bag for Women: $29.95

The goods are available now on ShopDisney.com, and the price range varies pretty substantially, depending on what you're looking for. Girls T-shirts start at $16.95, while there are mini plush toys for $5.95.

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There's no way to go wrong as far as repping the movie goes. Your reflection will show your Mulan pride—and who you really are inside.


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