Here's the Disney Movie You Should Watch on Netflix, Based on Your Personality

So much to watch on Netflix, so little time.

Netflix isn't great use when there are so many options that you can never commit to anything. Take the guesswork out of your weekend-watching by viewing the Disney movie that's perfect for you, based on your personality.

The Friend: Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stitch is all about the power of friendship and how the strongest of friendships can make them your family. You always put your friends first, and you know that the friendships you make now will last a lifetime. They'll be your ohana for life.


The Cheerleader: Zootopia

Even if you're not a literal pom-pom-toting cheerleader, you've always cheering everyone on. You've got their backs no matter what, and you love movies like Zootopia that are all about overcoming challenges thanks to the support of your friends.


The Cultured One: Fantasia

You love knowing everything there is to know about movies, TV and music, as well as the important cultural staples of the past. Obviously, you'd love Fantasia, which combines gorgeous visuals and familiar characters with classic music that should 100% be on your radar.


The Festive One: The Nightmare Before Christmas

You love holidays. You never miss an opportunity to decorate the house and dress up in the appropriate attire for every festive opportunity, and the fact that The Nightmare Before Christmas combines Christmas with Halloween makes it a must-watch for you, regardless of the season.

Jack and Sally embrace on hill in Nightmare Before Christmas

(The Nightmare Before Christmas via Touchstone Pictures)


The Accepting One: The Jungle Book

You care for and accept people as they are, regardless of where they come from, what they look like or how they identify. You care about the quality of a person's character and not their outer appearance, and The Jungle Book is the perfect movie for you because it's about being open and treating everyone as an equal.


The Seeker: Finding Dory

You're always after something, whether it's justice, peace or the truth. You quest for more, so you'll totally relate to Finding Dory and Dory's desire to reunite with her family. You strongly relate to the search and the feeling of peace that comes from a job well done.


The Dreamer: Moana

You've always got your head in the clouds and you often dream about the person you'll become and the way things could be. You identify with Moana and her desire to voyage across the sea to fulfill her destiny. Just like her, you won't let anybody hold you back as you go for your goals.

Moana wearing a lei

(Moana via Walt Disney Pictures)


The Optimist: Pete's Dragon

You're positive and happy-go-lucky, and no matter how bad things get, you always know they're about to get better. You have a trust in people and know how to see the best in them. You love Pete's Dragon because it's about not judging people based on how they look and having faith in good humankind.

The Achiever – Hercules

Things don't always come easily to you, but that doesn't mean you don't stop trying. You aim to succeed in everything you do, and you put in the work to make that happen. Hercules is the movie for you because Hercules' struggle parallels your own. Over time, he learns how to harness his strength, as will you.

The Adventurer – Pirates of the Caribbean

You've never been one to sit still. You can be a bit restless, constantly seeking the thrill of your next big adventure, and get into trouble as a result. Pirates of the Caribbean may not be your own personal adventure, but it will keep you enthralled enough to make you feel like you're on one.


The Fighter –  Mulan

When you strongly believe in something, you'll never back down. You fight for what's right, even when it's hard. That's why you totally relate to Mulan, who risked everything and worked her butt off to save her family's honor. You would totally do the same thing in her situation.

Mulan shooting arrow with fruit

(Mulan via Walt Disney Pictures)


The Free Spirit- Pocahontas

You've always loved animals and nature, so you love the great outdoors. You tend to make your own rules and do what you like. You identify with Pocahontas' free spirit and connection with the earth, as well as her ability to make decisions for herself. You, too, would like to paint with all the colors of the wind.


The Romantic – Beauty and the Beast

You're a sucker for love stories and spend a lot of your time thinking about your crush or S.O. You've dreamed countless hours away thinking of your future together and how perfect it's going to be. Beauty and the Beast is the perfect movie for you because you love Belle and Beast's relationship and would love to have your own fairytale romance someday.

Belle and the Beast dancing in Disney's Beauty and the Beast 2017

(Beauty and the Beast via Walt Disney Pictures)

The Brain – Atlantis: The Lost Empire

You've always done well in school and love devouring books and soaking up new information. You pride yourself in your knowledge and your ability to apply it. That's why Atlantis is just right for you. Its heroes use their minds to uncover an incredible lost civilization and save the day.


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