We Need These Treats From Disney Parks Around the World in the States ASAP

One of the best parts about visiting a Disney park is chowing down on all the delicious treats that are offered.

Though both Disneyland and Walt Disney World have tons and tons of delicious morsels, there are a variety of treats from Disney parks around the world we'd love to bring to the states.

Scroll below to see which ones they are!

Mickey Mouse Donut

This pastry was recently introduced to Shanghai Disneyland, but we definitely think it'd be a hit at every Disney park. After all, who doesn't love donuts?

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Toy Story Alien-Inspired Mochi

These sweet treats are almost too cute to eat. But because they're only available at Tokyo Disneyland, we won't be getting our hands on them anytime soon. Sad days!

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Olaf Dim Sum

At Crystal Lotus in the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, you'll find some pretty adorable Olaf dim sum. If you're not a fan of Olaf, the restaurant has a slew of other characters you can choose from.

Chocolate and Coconut Dipped Mickey Mouse Marshmallow

A chocolate and coconut dipped marshmallow sounds incredibly delicious, so we're wondering why this treat is only available in Disneyland Paris.


Critter Sundae

Yet another delicious treat from Tokyo Disneyland, we think the Critter Sundae could be served at every Disney park. This strawberry ice cream is topped with corn flakes and a Mickey churro. They say perfection doesn't exist, but we think we found it in this sweet.

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Popcorn is readily available at every Disney park, but only at the Tokyo Disney Resort will you find a wide variety of popcorn flavors. From curry and soy sauce to milk tea and corn soup, the flavors are endless. Which ones will you try?


Remy-Inspired Tiramisu

Ratatouille is one of our fave Disney movies, so we'd love to see more of Remy and his crew at Disneyland. The easiest way to do that would be to bring Disneyland Paris' Remy-inspired tiramisu stateside.


Because we can't visit our fave Disney park all the time, HERE's how to make your fave park treats at home.