Disney Parks' Halloween Novelty Items Are Bringing the Spooky Fun This Year

Being at one of the Disney Parks any day of the year is a treat, but if you can get there on Halloween, count on it being extra special.

Preparations for the candy-filled holiday are already underway.  The Disney Parks Blog posted an update on Thursday, and it serves as a guide to all the Halloween novelty items that parkgoers will be able to find at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts this year. From what we've seen, there's some good stuff coming.

Collecting the novelty items is no easy feat. As Disney Parks' notes, the items are "available at various times throughout the Halloween season" and expected to sell out quickly. That means there are no guarantees you'll be able to find what you're looking for when you're there.

Disney Parks' Green Poision Apple Stein

(via Disney Parks)

Still, if you manage to track them down, you'll end up with a special souvenir. There are multiple Halloween-themed popcorn buckets with unique designs, for example. Other fun items include the Poison Apple Glow Cube, which you can put in your drink to make it light up; the spooky-looking Green Poison Apple Stein (pictured above); and the practical and festive Tire Pumpkin Straw (below).

Disney Parks' Tire Pumpkin Straw

(via Disney Parks)

Disney Parks' Halloween novelty items will be on  sale throughout September and October while supplies last, so happy hunting!


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