Of all the Disney Pixar characters out there, one of the most universally adored ones is the forgetful fish Dory.

How could you not fall for this cheerful creature with her sweet doe-eyed expression? She’s cute and she knows it.

If she happens to be your favorite character, scroll below for nine Dory-inspired items you need in your life.

Dory with a tag on her in Finding Dory

(Finding Dory via Pixar)

“Just Keep Swimming” iPhone Case: $13.97

That’s the motto.

"Just keep swimming" Dory-inspired iphone case from Etsy

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Dory-Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears: $27

Your next trip to Disneyland won’t be quite as magical if you forget to rock these.

Dory-inspired Minnie Mouse ears from Etsy

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“Got 99 Problems, But I Can’t Remember One” Mug: $15

Not a bad problem to have, honestly.

"Got 99 problems, but I can't remember one" Dory-inspired mug from Etsy

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Finding Dory-Inspired Hair Ties: $3.75

There are really no hair ties out there that are better than these.

Finding Dory-inspired hair ties from Etsy

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Dory Macbook Skin: $14.75

Your laptop is just waiting for you to slap this bad boy on it.

Dory Macbook skin from Etsy

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Dory Hair Bow: $2.50

We’ve never seen so many Dorys in one place before, but we like it.

Dory hair bow from Etsy

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Dory Earrings: $7

Have you ever seen a cuter pair of earrings? We don’t think so.

Dory earrings from Etsy

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“What Would Dory Do?” T-Shirt: $20.55

When in doubt, do as Dory would and forget about it.

"What would Dory do?" T-shirt from Etsy

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“I Speak Whale” Necklace: $19

Just in case anyone was wondering…

"I Speak Whale" Dory-inspired necklace from Etsy

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We’re guessing you love Dory because Finding Nemo is one of your fave Disney Pixar films. Want to know what that says about you? Find out HERE.