Love Disney Pixar's Toy Story With All Your Heart? You Need Every Item on This List

Toy Story is the first movie Pixar ever made and it also happens to be No. 1 in our hearts.

If you feel the same way about this hilarious flick, we've rounded up some incredibly cute Toy Story-inspired items you most definitely need in your life. Scroll below to see them all!

Buzz and Woody meeting for the first time in Disney Pixar's Toy Story

(Toy Story via Pixar)

"You've Got a Friend in Me" BFF Necklaces: $20

There's no better way to tell your bestie you'll be by their side forever and ever.

"You've got a friend in me" BFF necklaces from Etsy

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"To Infinity and Beyond" Poster: $10.40

How sick is this poster?!

"To infinity and beyond" Toy Story-inspired poster from Etsy

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Toy Story Keychains: $9.50

Your keys won't be safer on any other keychains.

Toy Story Keychains from Etsy

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Toy Story Cloud Enamel Pin: $8

A simple ode to a classic flick.

Toy Story cloud enamel pin from Etsy

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Toy Story-Inspired Wish Bracelet: $4.85

Tie this bracelet around your wrist, make a wish and when it falls off, your wish will come true. What will you wish for?

Toy Story-inspired wish bracelet from Etsy

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"Pizza Planet" Baseball T-Shirt: $17.50

If only Pizza Planet were a real place.

Pizza Planet baseball t-shirt from Etsy

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Buzz Lightyear-Inspired Dad Hat: $22

We'd never take this hat off, tbh.

Buzz Lightyear-inspired dad hat from Etsy

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Toy Story-Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears: $25

These ears are everything!

Toy Story-inspired Minnie Mouse ears from Etsy

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Toy Story Alien Brooch: $9.25

You don't need help from The Claw to get this bad boy.

Toy Story alien brooch from Etsy

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Toy Story-Inspired Pencil Pouch: $12

You can even use it as a makeup case or however you see fit.

Toy Story-inspired pencil pouch from Etsy

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Toy Story-Inspired iPhone Case: $7.99

Is this not the cutest iPhone case you've ever seen? You know you need it.

Toy Story-inspired iPhone case

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