This Barista Creates Whimsical Latte Art Inspired by Our All-Time Favorite Cartoons

Coffee art is a craze that we hope never ends.

We love our caffeinated drinks with or without dainty little designs, but we'd be lying if we said the art doesn't give our coffee that extra "wow" factor.

If you're just as much into the trend as we are, chances are you've seen South Korean barista Kangbin Lee's work blowing up your feeds the last week.

Here's just one of his pieces:

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We were so amazed by Kangbin's work (specifically his adorable Disney and Pokémon cartoon characters) that we reached out to see if he could provide some insight as to how these beautiful pieces come to life.

Scroll below to learn more and see some of his masterpieces. ????

Kangbin calls his work "Cremart." Which makes sense because it's essentially art made out of coffee cream!


He told us that he started making his beautiful creations four years ago. It's hard to believe he hasn't been making these his old life.


Kangbin revealed to us that he has no background in art, but he's been a barista for 10 years now. Wowzers.


According to Kangbin, it can take anywhere between one minute and one hour to create each drink. We're guessing this one took at least an hour…


But how exactly is the intricate design made? Kangbin explained, "Place the cream on top of the cold coffee and use the ingredients to draw a picture." 

Sounds easy enough, right? ????

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We can't get enough of his work. Just look at this Winnie the Pooh and Piglet creation.

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And this adorable Pikachu.

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Feast your eyes on Squirtle.

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And omg, it's Bulbasaur.

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Any Hello Kitty fans out there? This one's for you.

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Gotta love this Snoopy creation.

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Are you in love with The Pink Panther? You'll freak over this one.

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